Nathan Tabor: Without A Prayer

If there's a god, she's reserving a special place in hell for @$$holes like Nathan Tabor, who's just the latest theocrat to find himself with a bit role in Art Pope's Puppetshow.

To hear liberals tell it, George W. Bush doesn’t have a prayer of succeeding. What with the war in Iraq, soaring gasoline prices, and the high cost of medical care, the President’s critics dismiss him on good days as ineffectual…on bad days as a dunce. Yet, the President, with his cockeyed optimism and can-do American spirit, seems to believe he can and will succeed. And he believes that much of the credit can be attributed to prayer.

The president's critics? Dear Mr. Tabor, the president's best friends think he's a f*cktard, not just his critics. And so does god. I have received a personal message from the big guy and he say's George W. Bush is a jerk.

You see, this is a praying President. Maybe that’s why he catches so much flack from the media elite, who never met a praying man that they liked. This is a Commander-in-Chief who believes strongly in the power of prayer to give wisdom, counsel, and fortitude to a leader. He believes that prayer not only moves mountains, but changes hearts.
And he believes that the power of the Almighty is stronger than the power of the chairman of the Democratic Party.

Do you actually think anyone give a shit whether W prays or not? Do you actually think the 69% of Americans who disapprove of your hero do so because he talks to god? People don't like Dear Leader because he's a walking, talking disaster of gargantuan proportions. What he believes is irrelevant. It's what he DOES that sucks.

In fact, this President was bold enough to say that prayer is the greatest gift a citizen can offer him. Not a vote. Not a contribution to the Republican Party. Prayer.
“In my travels across the great land, a comment that I hear often from our fellow citizens is, ‘Mr. President, I pray for you and your family.’ It’s amazing how many times a total stranger walks up and says that to me. You’d think they’d say, ‘How about the bridge?’ Or, ‘How about filling the potholes?’ No, they say, ‘I’ve come to tell you I pray for you, Mr. President.’”

And then, like any good theocrat, Nate slips into lying:

We are not really free to pray at times in the land of the free. For instance, our children are banned from offering an earnest prayer at school—where prayer is often needed the most.

I'd duck for cover if I were you, Nate. God's going to strike your pretty boy face for that one. Because the fact is, any kid can pray "an earnest prayer" any time she wants to in school, and you know it. But because you're just like your hero W, you'd rather find ways to use religion to separate us from our best selves. You'd rather be right than righteous.

Too bad you're so very wrong.


PS Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame at BlueNC because this is the first and only time I'm going to waste my time commenting on your mindless drivel.


So, if the Preznit doesn't succeed

we can blame prayer? Is that what this nitwit is saying?

Oh...and 31% according to Gallup. Any optimism after that is just plain...hmmmm...lesseeeee...a bit unrealistic.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Bush. Prayer, and (Un)Popularity

I think you're missing the point: Tabor's not saying that prayer makes Bush unpopular; after all, prayer's an activity that 82% of Americans engage in. His point is that Bush's confidence stems from his faith. This persistence is what has made Bush a formidable political infighter in the past. Now granted: 31% is a catastrophically low approval rating. I will be as surprised as anyone if Bush bounces back tomorrow. However, his doggedness makes him a formidable opponent even when hurting in the polls. Dems can "misunderestimate" at their peril--it's not as if they've ever done that before.

Let me get this straight

You want to turn a political career into a referendum on prayer—and you pick GWB? The guy at 32%? The guy who presides over the most corrupt Washington since the days of U.S.Grant? This guy?

I'm sure God appreciates that.

My Pet Goat

He's just hear the news of the 9/11 attacks and is praying that he and his buddies will make a shitload of money because of it. See? Prayer works!

Soy Toy Nathan and Kids and Us at Pope's store

Nathan! Will you fix that crooked neck of yours! I am getting
tried of seeing that same ole same old soybean religious
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it kid before, I release your dirty e-mails to me and whether
you can get a small part in the brokeback mountian movie?

Do you really believe Uncle Art gives a flying goat crap
about you after you get your religious Taliban butt beat
on May 30 th?

ps. St Andrews College has just said your name was remove
from the infamous grads list due to your religious stupidity
political quotes. Sent them a check Nathan and maybe they
will move you back up on the list as a repentance lost soul
in the 21 st century of neo-con suck up politics.