Myrick: Corruption? What Corruption?

So far, Sue Myrick is the only member of NC's Republican House contingent to publicly declare allegiance with one of the candidates for Tom DeLay's old job. Her pick: Roy Blunt. (Follow that last link to Blunt's bio at; you'll find a nice Charles Taylor bio as well.) That's the Roy Blunt who is now the House Majority Whip, who is acting as the interim Majority Leader during DeLay's troubles. This guy was elevated to power by Tom DeLay and has been his right hand for years. Blunt is as business-as-usual as business-as-usual can be.

I wish I could muster a tone of shock and outrage, but after all, this is Submissive Sue, the Republican Good Girl. We expect her to go down with the ship.

Fans of NPR's "Wait Wait — Don't Tell Me!" will want to distinguish Blunt from Roy Blount, Jr.


Shhhhh! Don't dare you say repub around the 24'7 pump Sue

The hard charging Congressperson must be having senior moments now as she has forgot about those Oil Companies slipping a increase.25 cent per gal on the pumps in the last month.