On My Way Thru the News of the Day

Heating your home with Corn sound corny? Well a couple in New Jersey are using a Corn burning stove to heat part of their 8000 sq.ft. home. It takes approximately 50 pounds of corn a day and heats so well they sometimes have to open their windows to cool the place down, and the lady of the house has been known to wear a bikini around the house in winter.

The corn burning stove costs around $4000. But the inventor claims the costs is recovered in 3 to 4 years depending on where you live, how many months out of the year you need to heat your home and of course the cost of corn. At any rate, corn is far less costly than oil or natural gas, and very much cleaner. So as “corny” as it sounds perhaps there will be a corn burning stove in your future.

Since President Nixon declared drugs “public enemy number one” and pushed thru the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 our country has waged a futile and losing war for three decades. A war costing far more lives yearly than the Iraqi War and yet there is no public outcry and no call for a presidential impeachment for these needless deaths. Just a few facts: 1) The United States has only 4% of the world’s population and yet it’s citizens consume ¾ of the world’s illegal drugs. 2) this week the Center for Disease Control announced unintentional drug over doses nearly doubled over the course of five years, from 11,155 in 1999 to 19,839 in 2004. Fatal overdoses in teenagers and young adults soar 113%. 3) more than 22 million Americans were classified as substance abusers in 2005 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 4) nearly 8000 people try drugs for the first time every DAY, that’s approximately 3 million a year. Most are younger than 18 years and more than half are females.

I blogged on the drug problem a few weeks ago calling for a change in our methods in waging this war. We have been going after the producers and dealers and losing the war desperately. The 2007 budget allotted 94% of the funds to stopping drug trafficking and a mere 6% to prevention. When will we the people wake up to this evil that is attacking and killing our children? And the biggest question of all: Why are the children of the most affluent country on earth at this time the biggest users of drugs. What are these children trying to escape, or gain, from the use of mind altering drugs?

It has finally happened! Wikipedia as an authoritative source questioned. Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont has banned the use of the popular public created on-line encyclopedia from being used by it’s students as a source for their conclusions in term papers. The use of Wikipedia can only be as a source for finding more acceptable sources of factual material. I have had some trouble with Wikipedia being used as the final word by some bloggers especially when there are far more legitimate sources available at our fingertips. So, this is a first call to stop the practice that I hope spreads to more schools and colleges. It has been my contention that the dumbing down of education is bad enough without allowing the use of “dumbed down” sources of information too.

How cheap can one be? Well a man in Lynnwood, Washington may come in among the top winners. He had left his wallet in the cab of Vinod Mago, 55, who drives for the Seattle-Tacoma International Taxi Association. Mago found the wallet and rushed back to the airport to find the owner who then tipped this honesty with a $100 bill.
The real king of Cheap however is the owner of 31 diamond rings. A cab driver in New York found a bag containing the rings and returned them to the owner who had tipped him a miserly 30 cents on a $11 fare and saw no reason to improve upon his generosity when his diamond rings were returned to him.