For my BlueNC friends,FYI: I will be scarce & out of pocket for a few days.

I am a bit shook up right now so I ask forgiveness if i make any type-os.
He is keeping this low key but all of you are my friends and I felt you also had a right to know about this.

My Adoptive Dad beat node & skin cancer that almost killed him back in the 60's. Well, Mom decided to finally tell me tonight, He has been diagnosed with cancer again! I just got thru getting word to Heath Shuler & Hayden Rogers at that campain as Dad thinks the absolute world of them.

I think dad knows every pass & touchdown Heath ever made! Not bad for the starting offensive tackle on the first football team Robbinsville had. That was back when they wore them funny little leather helments. To be honest with you, stickin to the facts.

Dad sees something in Heath running for Congress none of the rest of us can ever see. Because he is 86 now ,he has been a lifelong Democrat and to be factual and honest with you ,my friends. I have never seen him this worked up over a canadate before! NOT EVEN THE HERO OF HIS DAY,John Kennedy!

I only wish I could get a glimpse of the world as he saw it thru his eyes. WWI & then he was attending Western Carolina Univeresty in Sylva,NC majoring in Political Science & Phys Ed with plans of teaching back here at home and being a football coach.

He once told me he was on what we now call the old road-the old 2 lane. They had just came across the bridge when the radio in the car he had hitched a ride with came alive with the news of the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

He quietly thanked the gent for the ride, proceeded to walk up to his dorm ,packed his belongings into his duffle and informed his Dorm Counselor he was leaveing school and after thumbing to 50 or so odd miles back to Robbinsville was 4 days later in the Navy.

He saw a lot of the great sports legends in those early years meeting Jim Thorpe once, and telling me of listening to the family radio as the "Babe hit a homer!" I honestly dont think that there has ever been a ball player,football,baseball or basketball he didnt know about and know their stats by memory.

He always pulled for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Skins out of DC. In college it is Duke & UNC in that order. He dont miss their telivised games!

Only 2 things he dont seem to care much for and dont watch, Wrestleing(Pro) watchs college and Auto Raceing. Says he would rather see a good baseball game than a bunch of cars going round & round.

According to what Mom told me it is pretty bad this time according to what the Doctor said. She dosent know if it is operable yet! I will let you know something when I find out.

So I may be scarce over the next few days if anyone gets to trying to find me. If you need to contact me for anything, Feel Free to, it is

I have the new veteran group up and running at;

But I am afraid I wont be doing much to it for a few days. Feel free to check it out and join it if you want to and let your feelings be known! Right now I am in a state of part shock & part depperission, must be my PTSD Anglico.

I want all of you here to know, and this go's without saying, I truly appericate each and every one of you. You have all been extermely great friends to me over the past months and I turly appericate your friendship more than you will ever know or than words can say. I know my Dad and Mom would too.

Well, I felt I should let all of you know what is going on should I drop off the face of the earth for a few days. Everyone keep up your great work here, keep on writeing! YOU ALL DO EXTREMELY GREAT WORK!!!!

Dan Siler


Good Luck Daniel

We wish your dad the best and hope both of you will be up and around soon.