The Mourning After

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On this beautiful morning, the day after the 2006 primary elections, District 13 and probably the whole state of NC, is in mourning. Vernon Robinson won his primary. We have six more months of his lies, inuendos, and irritating ads. Yuck!

My mom complained yesterday that I pay way too much attention to politics. I figured she was just doing her usual nagging until my husband and my sister agreed. Am I really?

Do you think you're into politics too much when:

A. You rush through your husband's birthday dinner so you can make it to vote in a primary election?

B. You continually refresh 3 different sites with election results while making your family watch the local news so you "can hear election results"?

C. Your last thought before falling asleep is a mental countdown to the November election?

D. You have nightmares about the different politicians you've been researching about?

E. Your first thought in the morning is "Oh god, six more months of Vernon Robinson"?

F. All of the above?

I can just see my mom rolling her eyes and saying I crossed the line at A. What do you guys think?


"Hello, kisler"

The first step is admitting that you have a problem.

I'm not addicted

I can quit whenever I want. (yeah right)

If those weren't bad enough, when we go out to restaurants I always pick the seat that faces a tv showing the news, I refuse to go on vacation without my laptop, and at one point my front door was completely covered with political messages and posters (my car still is).

Still think I haven't crossed the line?

You have absolutely no problem

I make my husband work from home on election day. It is my one day "off" the entire year. It wouldn't matter if it was his birthday. I was involved in elections before I met him...(OK...two friggin days out of the year the man has to come in last in my life. He's fine with it, so you people need to deal!) Heh, just kidding!

I had two computers going and two TVs in one room.

I spend the other 362 days a year trying to convince my family I'm sane. I just about have it accomplished...and then another election day rolls around. primary..general..primary..general..

You have a long way to go before you have crossed the line. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Thanks SD

I think we both crossed over! It's nice on this side of the line isn't it?

You rock, Kisler.

There are few higher callings than battling for the common good and stopping the spread of evil. Vermin is a snake and we cannot allow snakes to subvert our democracy with their lies and hate. You are fighting the good fight. It is not an addition. It is a purpose.