More SMF: It's Carrboro!

[Brian emailed this in:]

It's Carrboro!
Lyrics: Brian Risk, Billy McCormick
Music: Brian Risk

It's Carrboro was born when local singer-songwriter Billy Sugarfix (Evil Wiener) complained to me that he hated venturing outside of the town of Carrboro. The song debuted March 11th on WCOM and since then has been requested to be played at some Carrboro events.

At least one person has expressed confusion over the "tone" of the song. What do you think, readers of BlueNC? Is the song hatin' or is it giving props?

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It’s a place where the hippies and the hipsters meet
Gonna get my grub on at the Weaver Street
Hoola-hoopers out front and they got some bare feet

Got a lot of bongo drummers and a lot of different beats

I’m shoppin at Tha Weave - the total is twenty
He don’t pull out a Jackson, you know he’s droppin’ Plenty
At the Farmers Market I buy my spinich

For the prez I want Dennis Kucinich

Wootini got a lot of funky toyz
If you disrespect you betta bring ya boyz
You know you gonna check my stance, my poize
C’mon Carrboro, let’s make some noize!

If it’s locally owned: It’s Carrboro!

Oganically grown: It’s Carrboro!
Your heart will warm: It’s Carrboro!
Got that hometown charm: It’s Carrboro!

Raleigh and Durham and Fayetville
If it ain’t in Carrboro it aint worth my skill
I won’t even go to Chapel Hill

My momma cools her pies on the window-sill

Vis to the Art to the Video
Blockbuster; Pay-Per-View; Netflix: NO!
The Viz got the foreign flicks from Hong Kong
Over 21 room to get your freak on

It’s Sunday night; sportin’ my bling bling

OCSC! get that dollar Yeungling
Chillin’ on the crux of Bim and Fidelity
C’mon Carrboro let’s kick some melody

With wide bike lanes: It’s Carrboro!
And whole wheat grains: It’s Carrboro!

Who’s the best in show: It’s Carrboro!
Where you wanna go: It’s Carrboro!

Tylers and Acme and Spotted Dog
So close together, G, you won’t have to jog

Beehive Hairdo next to Maple View
gonna get my ink on down at Glenn’s Tattoo

Every Fall it’s got a mackin’ music fest
Its the Paris of the Piedmont it’s been confessed

It passed the test, it’s passed the rest.
Like Ron Jeremy Carrboro’s been blessed!

We’re cookin’ music so good the Cat’s Cradle meowed

Showin so much respect my sensei bowed
With public schools to make your momma proud
C’mon Carrboro let’s shout out loud!

Babes at Padgett Station: It’s Carrboro!
Mike Roig’s metal creations: it’s Carrboro!

Club nova thrift store: It’s Carrboro!
Who could ask for more: It’s Carrboro!

OpenEye Cafe: It’s Carrboro!
it’s cool to be gay: It’s Carrboro!
The kind of dunk you slam: It’s Carrboro!

Where we dropped this jam: It’s Carrboro!



Spent the first three years of my life at Carrboro Baptist Church where mom was the pianist/organist and this just doesn't sound like the Carrboro I remember. Anybody else remember Hearns market?

It is funny...where else will you find "whole wheat grains" in rap music. I love it.

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There's a Hearns market over here in Chapel Hill, near BCBS. Hearns Family Market . . . operating in an old convenience store that used to be something else. Same thing?

Gotta love Carrboro. I'm pushing 'em to legalize golf carts.

Sure do

It was where Tylers is now. The Spotted Dog was a pool hall call bullwinkles. The only thing that hasn't changed is the Friendly Barber shop

I don't think it's the same thing.

Might be run by family members. Hearns was an old fashioned butcher shop/grocery store. You know the cement floor variety. When I was little my mom and Mrs. Hearn were friends. My pecan pie recipe (so good you literally die after the first bite) is from Mrs. Hearn. I played with her daughter's Barbies when I was three.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

oh well

it ain't hard to tell this guy's knowledge of hip hop begins with the beastie boys and ends with vanilla ice, but it's cute nevertheless.

Brian was actually an early adopter

and a huge Public Enemy fan back in the day (as it were). But I think that setting the rap aspirations at "Chuck D" would have been foolish. For guys like Brian and me, achieving "Mike D" is a big deal. He's just being realistic.

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Such an inside thing.

I like it.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.