More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys

How about a bevy of beautiful blockquotes on this, the 81st anniversary of John Scopes' arrest for teaching evolution—thank God that Clarence Darrow dealt once and for all with the forces of militant ignorance back in 1925!

Here are some links to interesting stories in and about NC today: Burr says AIDS help lacking in rura...:

Burr pointed out that although North Carolina is the second biggest spender on HIV/AIDS drugs in the nation, it gets shortchanged on federal dollars because the CARE Act favors big cities. Although North Carolina and Massachusetts have similar HIV/AIDS populations, Burr said, Massachusetts qualifies for twice as much funding.


Winston-Salem Journal | Homecoming: Hiring of Sidney Lowe will rekindle memories of that magical night in Albuquerque:

Sidney Lowe means homecoming. Sidney Lowe puts a smiling face on the swaying [N.C. State] basketball program, and he puts an orderly mind inside the locker room. State fans know this intuitively, either from personally witnessing Lowe's college career or from watching videotapes of the 1983 title game against Houston.

------------- Council of State helps keep Cooper in a good fight:

Either Berry’s priorities are badly skewed or she doesn’t have a clue when it comes to the negative impact air pollution is having on North Carolina — not to mention the rest of the world.


The Pilot Newspaper - Local News:

County Elections Director Glenda Clendenin said the mixup came about because two types of different equipment were being used to count absentee ballots, and it was the first time the county had used this system.


Winston-Salem Journal | 5 systems ask to quit state suit:

"Five of us, after litigating a very complicated legal issue for 12 years, we've decided we've accomplished what we can in the lawsuit and it's time to move on," he said. The school system has spent more than $500,000 on the lawsuit, Punger said.


News 14 Carolina | 24 Hour Local News | HISTORY:

Looking back in history on this day in 1992, Mel Watt won the Democratic nomination in North Carolina's newly created 12th Congressional District.


Gotta send love out to Mel

He's wonderful. I will miss having Mel as my Rep when I move....I think I will be in the 9th...but I need to check that out.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.