More bullshit from the GOP-controlled legislature

Via email from my representative:

Yesterday, we successfully defeated (for now) a bill to open bars in North Carolina. This comes at a time when our state's COVID-19 case numbers are rising, hospitalizations are at record highs, and public health experts say we shouldn't rush to reopen bars.

Democrats won by showing up to vote. I am doing my job as your representative by attending committee meetings, filing bills, and voting on legislation -- all by remote means. To protect our health and the health of others, most of my colleagues are doing that as well.

However, our state constitution requires certain votes to be done in-person. That's why I and other House Democrats drove to Raleigh yesterday to vote to sustain Governor Cooper's veto of HB 594, a bill that would endanger lives by reopening bars before it’s safe to do so.

When our Republican Speaker saw how many House Democrats showed up, he chose to cancel the veto override vote rather than lose. That's putting politics over public health, and North Carolinians deserve better from their legislative leaders.

It's time to elect NC House leadership who will prioritize people -- not politics. If you're able, can you support my campaign for new leadership with a contribution of $25, $50 or another amount? Every dollar will make a difference as we work to take back the majority in November. Thanks for your continued support.



Here they go again

The next trick will be for Republicans to do online meetings from a few blocks away, then show up in person for an override vote. Website will be updated to make it look like it was previously scheduled.