Moral poverty

Justin Conley nailed it today with an e-mail on behalf of YDNC:

Republicans aren't making it any easier for poor and working-class families; instead, they're removing the means families have to escape poverty. Our General Assembly has "cut off the bootstraps" of the working class by killing jobs, shifting the tax burden to our hardest-working citizens, putting education out of reach, and cutting access to the ballot box. Republican policies are symptomatic of a moral poverty -- the idea that the path to prosperity should look more like a tightrope than an open road.

I'm happy to announce the Young Democrats of North Carolina's “Bootstraps Tour” will be held on Saturday, September 7 2013. The tour will highlight what the General Assembly and our Governor could do to help working-class and poor North Carolinians pull themselves up. Young Democrats chapters in counties from Macon to New Hanover will be participating and helping YDNC reach a goal of collecting 5,000 food items for local food banks across the state. A caravan of YDs will travel across the state – from Franklin to Fort Fisher – and each stop will involve a press availability.

You can sign up here to join us on the Bootstraps Tour.

The tour will focus on poverty across North Carolina, and address the State’s inaction on the issue. As poverty is increasing in every part of North Carolina – even suburban areas – the Republican-controlled General Assembly has done nothing to create jobs. Instead, they've focused on divisive social issues and bills that make it harder for North Carolina’s minorities, students, and seniors to vote. The Republican General Assembly’s budget kills public and private jobs while increasing the tax burden for the working poor.

Please e-mail to participate or learn more, and please join us on September 7 as North Carolinians of all ages come together across the state and ask Republicans in Raleigh to give us back our bootstraps!

PS – we're trying hard to reach that goal of 5,000 cans for food banks, so please join us!