Moral Monday - Burnsville, NC GREAT success

The first rural Moral Monday completely filled the Burnsville Town Square. An estimated count of 300-500 folks showed up. The weather cooperated. We were dry for the entire 2 hrs. WLOS was there along with Jon Lee. Many participants were interviewed.

The emphasis, from each speaker, explained the effects of the the current budget and new laws on education, voting and health care. Each speaker demonstrated how they have been affected and the effects on the local residents.

Tim Tyson reminded us that the NCAAP not a black organization but one developed in conjunction with whites to expand peace and justice amongst all of our citizens. He encouraged us to continue our efforts at this grass roots level form of democracy.

The meetup ended with a revised chorus to a famous Woody Guthrie song.

This State is your State, this State is My State
From the Hardwood Forest to the rolling Ocean
from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the barrier Islands
This State is belongs to you and me.


Awesome job

So cool to see beautiful Burnsville represent!