A month without the N&O

It's been a little over a month since our policy of banning links to the N&O went into effect. Although there have been a few complaints from regulars, it has mostly been a non-event. Our own readership has been steady-to-improving, which is unusual for the summer, and we've uncovered a number of new sources of good information. For my part, every story I wanted to cover has been available elsewhere.

We'll review our policy periodically to make sure we're not cutting off someone's nose to spite our face, and we'll gladly lift the ban entirely when the newspaper dumps Rick Martinez from its roster of regular columnists.

For those unfamiliar, this isn't a matter of differences of opinion. There are plenty of other conservative voices trashing the pages of the N&O every week. No, this is a matter of journalistic principle involving (1) the insidious influence of Art Pope in North Carolina newspapers, and (2) the toxic concentration of media influence in the Raleigh-Durham market: Martinez is an executive at WPTF-AM.