A moment for John and Elizabeth Edwards

All politics aside for a second, here, which may seem odd on the eve of the Nevada caucuses.

John Edwards is probably tied for third in my choices for the Presidential nomination right now, but that seems utterly unimportant after reading this. The Durham Herald Sun reported earlier today, and now WTVD has picked up on it, that Cate Edwards was in a crash involving a drunk driver.

It appears to have been a very minor accident, and the stories say she was not transferred to the hospital, which is wonderful. It was just a rear-end accident, which should hardly merit a mention in the news, one would think.

Except, of course, that matter about Wade.

I don't need to recount the story here -- I'm guessing everyone here has heard it plenty. I'll just say that I can only try to imagine the gut punch feeling that the Edwards' must have felt today, simply hearing that Cate was in an accident. It is an immeasurable blessing that she's okay. At a time when I'm sure the Edwards family has nerves on the very edge of fraying, my heart goes out to them.


My wife and I were talking about this tonight...

thanks for blogging about this, I'm glad she is okay.

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