A Modest Christmas Gift For A Dedicated Christian Crusader, Rep. Hayes ?

Many have taken NC Representative Robin Hayes' recent statement, alleged to have been made recently at a NC Rotary Club meeting, as a suggestion that converting Iraqis to Christianity would bring peace to their violence wracked nation.

Given the likelihood that would be a difficult project - for the estimated 650,000+ Iraqi casulties that have resulted from the US invasion and occupation of Iraq, abuses at the Abu Ghraib prison and at other prisons in the country, and so on - I would like to suggest that Talk To Action might purchase a copy of "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" so that friends in North Carolina could present the game as a gift to Representative Hayes, in a public ceremony, so he could simulate the forced religious conversion of a mass civilian population to Christianity, the population of NYC depicted in the video game, and perhaps in the process learn some valuable lessons that can be applied in his proposed venture. Additionally, the Left Behind Games Company may want to follow Hayes' lead with a sequel to their first videogame and produce a followup entitled "Left Behind: Iraqis Turn To Christ".

Talk To Action led coverage of the "Left Behind: Eternal Forces" video game with a groundbreaking series, by author Jonathan Hutson, that has been viewed so far by approaching a half million visitors to our site, and we now have close to 40 entries on the game. Therefore I feel I can say authoritatively that the game would serve Representative Hayes well in enabling him to express his crusading urges in the privacy of his own home or office.

Yours Truly,
Bruce Wilson, Co-Founder (with Frederick Clarkson)
Talk To Action


Great idea

And would LOOOOOVE to the be one of the presenters in the ceremony.

We have lots of ground forces who could help make this happen.