Mobile Home Crisis in the News: The Power of Blogging

If you have picked up this week's Independent Weekly, you can't help but notice the cover story. Bob Geary has authored "Paradise Lost: Mobile Home Park Residents Caught in a Catch-22." Its a great story, highlighting the plight of 180 families at Homestead Village Mobile Home Park who are destined to lose their homes if the City approves a rezoning of their community.
The back story is that a lot of the credit for this is due to BlueNC! Blogging online leads to print sometimes, and without going into too many details, this is the case here. So, I want to lend a shout-out to BlueNC.


Wow, Adam!

This is what happens when one person takes the lead on an issue, reaches out and never lets up. Way to go!

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

If it sells it will change

The owner is old and in poor health and wants to sell the property. It will be sold one way or another.

I still believe if this particular rezoning fails, the park's future is dim. Alhough there are some conflicts between the two land use plans this property falls under, turning down this rezoning probably just means someone will come in with a purely residential project. Even with just residential, the potential is there to put several hundred new homes on that property. I am no real estate expert, but it looks like a prime location being in north Raleigh, just off the outer beltway, and a stone's throw from the mall.

I bet there would be no trouble getting a purely residential rezoning through. If there is a little resistance with the planning board or council, the developer could probably answer the affordable housing issue with some tax-credit-financed apartments on some of the acreage closer to Capitol Blvd.

There are millions to be made here and I just don't think the current use will remain there for much longer.