Junior Puppet Paul Chesser today focuses on the impending defeat of Charles Taylor as though that's the only Congressional race in North Carolina that matters.

RALEIGH — U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor, N.C. 11, has faced well-financed challengers and been considered vulnerable before in his eight previous House campaigns, but a confluence of events and a high-profile candidate might make 2006 especially challenging for him. Why? Because unlike previous elections in which his Democrat opposition have been lesser-knowns who hailed from (relative) metropolises Asheville and Hendersonville, this year the party has recruited someone a lot like Taylor, from a small town in his sprawling, mountainous district. And this time the challenger also has star power: former University of Tennessee quarterback Heath Shuler.

Leave it to the Puppets to get their news from national pundits and ignore what's actually happening on the ground here in North Carolina. But maybe this is good. Maybe Flip-floppin' Robin will get complacent and start to believe his own press. Maybe he'll quiet down and lay low, hoping his constituents don't actually pay attention to how many times he's screwed them over.


PS It would be irresponsible to ignore this quote by Taylor in response to the Puppetshow request for an interview:

"The generic ballot and the general political environment show that it’s going to be a tough year for many Republicans all across the country," he said in e-mailed answers to questions from Carolina Journal. "But this race will be run on the issues that matter here in Western North Carolina — creating jobs and economic opportunity, strengthening our families, fighting threats like illegal immigration, and protecting our mountain heritage and resources."

If Chuck thinks he's strong on any of the issues he lists here, good ol' Heath is home free. Not to mention the fact that the albatross hanging around Taylor's neck is really starting to stink.