Michelle Obama Coming Back to North Carolina [VIDEO]

Michelle Obama will hold a free community event in Jacksonville, North Carolina on Tuesday.

Michelle Obama will in the Tar Heels state to host a community event with military families. Mrs. Obama will address the challenges military families face while having a loved one deployed overseas.


Mrs. Obama will also share the Obama-Biden plan to support our troops and veterans, and provide economic security for North Carolina families.

I did not want to like Michelle Obama. I wanted to see Elizabeth Edwards in this spot. At some point in June or July I found myself admiring this woman more and more. I admire her poise, her grace, her intelligence, her compassion, her sense of humor and her strength.

And, yes, Stevie....she is quite lovely.

From the convention:


Sorry for the shakiness of the video

I was kinda crammed into this little area - only safe place to be and not get computer/camera/video camera smashed up - and with all the signs waving in my face it was hard to focus the camera.

Also in the still photo if you look where the Michelle signs come together to form a point you will see a tiny green speck. That is Michelle.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Wow...Youtube really degrades the quality

Sorry about that folks.

Should have said that this was after her speech. I was getting the crowd's reaction since I knew I could get video of her speech online later.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Lovely, indeed.

Even MORE lovely, is that I clicked on the video, which then brought me to Betsy's YouTube page, which then brought me to both Graig dancing at the DNC AND the ever so hilarious Frank and Sam show.

I love BlueNC.

Oh, the Frank and Sam show!

I had almost forgotten. What a day that was!

Jane met her in Durham

and developed a crush instantly. Poise. Grace. Charm. Presence. As First Lady, she will be a welcome new force for good in the world.


Doubts about Dole?