A message from MoveOn in Asheville, NC

Jeremy Tarr, a MoveOn organiser working in Flat Iron building in downtown Asheville has requested all local bloggers to post this message to their blogs:  Now is the time to make a difference in this election.

1) Vote EARLY on Tuesday. Asheville area polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30pm. Heath Shuler (U.S. House), Susan Fisher ( N.C. House), and other candidates need your overwhelming support.

2) Volunteer at the Democratic Headquarters. We need you to join other concerned citizens. If you have never volunteered for a campaign, just come to the Asheville Democratic Headquarters in Oakley (.951 Fairview Rd). We will match your interest with our immediate needs.

3) Get your friends to vote. Call and your friends to make sure they vote.

1-2 hours of your time today or tomorrow will make a difference in the many important races this year. Volunteering is easy and fun, so come join the movement to change the U.S. and N.C. Congresses.

Join the national wave of change by making your voice heard on the war, the environment, and healthcare. Today's urgent issues to are too important to let others decide them for us!

Call me at 828-582-8153 to volunteer.

Jeremy Tarr
Susan Fisher for NC House District 114
Asheville, NC


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