A Message of Hope, A Time for Action

As outraged as we are and as horrifying as the pictures of dead and injured children are we can find solice in the fact that we are horrified and outraged. We are not the war mongers of the right who simply don't seem to care how many lives they destroy as long as they get to play with their guns.

To leave this morning's discussions on a happy note, I found a site for a group called, Operation Iraqi Children. It was founded by Gary Sinise and Laura Hillenbrand. They are doing great work.

Follow me to the flip side...

Operation Iraqi Children collects school supplies. They provide a list here that details the supplies that are to be included. Donors put together the supply packages and they are shipped to Kansas City, MO where they are prepared for international transport.

Here is my proposal. We as a group should assemble as many of these packages as possible. We can do this at our various Drinking Liberally gatherings. I will make sure I get a list to each group to see if they want to participate.

I am not trying to break the bank. I know it is difficult for many of us to come up with extra money at the end of the month and others of us have committed to our candidates of choice or other charities. The supply lists are very small with no expensive items. If each person in a DL signed up for one or two items and then pitched in a dollar for shipping that would probably cover it and nobody would have to give more than $2-$3.

Emily was looking at this site with me and has decided to do a fundraiser here in Charlotte to raise money to put together as many packets as possible for her Bronze Award as a Junior Girl Scout. Her goal is 20 supply packets. If each DL put together one (Durham, Chapel Hill, Asheville, Raleigh) that would be 24 school supply packs for Iraqi children.

This small project doesn't begin to solve the massive issues that Iraqi children will face in their lives. However, there is nothing more empowering than taking action. Taking action makes us part of the solution and if having school supplies can help produce the smiles seen at this web site, then it will be worth the small effort it will take.

Who's in?


I will organize this

if you will work together within your DL groups to collect items. Make a goal to put together one packet. That's all it takes.

I also noticed that this group sent school supplies to Hurricane Katrina victims as well. I think it's great the way they have kept the scope of the work so focused. The supply list is specific and that helps as well.

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They do collect other things

like sports equipment and stuffed animals. I was trying to keep the focus narrow and the expense way down to allow everyone to participate.

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This is great concept

To have each Sunday or one a month that we devote to a cause, but also have some small, doable action we can take that keeps us from just complaining. Not that complaining and spreading the word isn't important, too. But to take some small action somehow changes the sad, frustrated energy and converts it into something better.

That's exactly how I felt

The feeling I had after talking about the hypocrisy of the religious right and seeing the results of the war mongers was too negative. I think when I do these Sunday posts they should include a positive action - whether it's something like this or simply writing a letter or an email. I don't like ending a Sunday morning on a negative note. Thanks for your input. We'll see how this works over time.

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I'm in for one kit

Southern Dem...what's the best way to get it to you?

If one person from each Drinking Liberally

would offer to take the package to be shipped then you could collect the items in a DL. Bajadudes, you're in Raleigh, right? I don't know if you go to the DL, but maybe you could arrange to get the item to someone at the book signing.

I'll get all the information to one person at each DL group if someone will commit to handle it. It really shouldn't be much. And everyone can commit a little bit to shipping so it doesn't fall on one person's shoulders.

If you want to send a donation to help put these together I will private message you my addy. Whatever is easiest for you.

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Count me in

I'm just trying to decide between doing the packets or collecting some money from people and sending you a check. What's your deadlines for either?

No deadlines at all

I just threw this out there. I'm open to ideas. I just wanted us to have a step to take to feel like we are part of the solution and not just a bunch of finger pointing whiners.

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I got the list

from the website. But maybe you should post it right here. I just printed it out so it's not in my computer or it would be in this comment.:(

Don't thank me. I thank you for encouraging me not to just sit behind a computer.