A Message from Cal Cunningham

Cal Cunningham,Richard Burr

Cal Cunningham has been gaining a lot of press and grassroots support in hopes that he will decide to pursue the Democratic nomination for North Carolina's 2010 U.S. Senate seat. His admirers on Facebook and Twitter are constantly growing and Cal has certainly been listening to these passionate voices.

Cal released a personal statement to his supporters moments ago. It is attached below for the BlueNC community to hear. Thank you.

Dear friends,

I have been very humbled by your encouragement to return to public service – and I’m taking it seriously. The issues facing our State and country are vital; the magnitude of the pending endeavor is great. And I was raised to believe that we have an obligation to step up to serve when times are tough.

Over the last few weeks, I have met with many people – from folks going about their daily lives, to interested individuals and party groups, the best state and national consultants, current and former office holders and many close friends. I’ve heard stories about how families are hurting and about their hopes for the future – and taken them to heart. And I've made many new friends along the way. My family, too, is working to make sure we are prepared for this commitment. These conversations are on-going.

It is my goal to see if we can put together an issue-based, professional, independent and progressive campaign that would make you proud. Before I ask for your support, I need to make sure I can look you in the eye, show you a path for victory and tell you where I stand on the issues that really matter in the lives of our citizens.

I am committed to making a timely decision, so that the field can develop and you can begin to make judgments about who will best serve North Carolina in the United States Senate. Know that we’re working towards this goal and that I’m very grateful for your continued encouragement, guidance and patience. It is my firm belief that our best days are ahead.

Thank you,



Great news

but I'm not sure he is going to have much choice in the matter. Just about everyone I've talked to has decided they want Cal to run.

Funny...most of them are women. Heh

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I have to admit, even after some pretty good investigation

into Mr. Cunningham, I still can't figure out if he is ConservaDem or just ModerateDem. I'm not getting any indication that his thoughts lean more liberal.

Somebody. Anybody. If you know Cal Cunningham, clue me in please.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

I'm trying to figure out his thoughts on DADT

I figure as someone with a military, legal, & democratic background, he has to have both thought about it, and have some intelligent insight on it. I asked around, and no one knew, and then Blue South suggested I send him a message on facebook several weeks ago which I hadn't even considered doing, but no response there yet. I know its not much, but if he responds to me no matter what he says I'll join his group, and if he is pro-equality on DADT then I'll invite about 600 people to the group.

If anyone does hear anything, let me know!

(I also think it could be a good issue for him b/c Burr couldn't attack him on it without constantly highlighting his own lack of military experience, but that is a separate conversation altogether)

Unimpressed with Ken. Met

Unimpressed with Ken. Met him at a Winston-Salem function he held. Smart guy, nice guy...not going to beat Richard Burr...not a chance.

Go Cal!

I look forward to his continuing to speak with North Carolinians from all walks of life, and hopefully it will lead him to the right decision!

Where is he

on a public option for healthcare reform? (Neither of our current senators support it, so it may not happen this time around.)

Where is he on "don't ask don't tell"?

Where is he on alternative energy funding?

What makes him different than what we already have?

Just curious.

More names in the mix

I am excited that Cal is considering this. We want to run a strong candidate against Burr. I can't make it to the Young Democrats summer meeting in Wilmington where he will be speaking. Does anyone know if there will be a webcast or if a video will posted here?

I bet we could get some video up next week...

though that's not a free pass for people to skip the YDNC Meeting at UNCW on Saturday morning!

But I'm planning to shoot it. Look for it here first!


I wouldn't miss it for the world. But, I will be out of the state thank you! We need to see the candidates so we can pick the strongest one that shares our values.

Good flibbity freaking Thor

Inquiring minds want to know if you're sending Burr money or just not potty trained?

If Cal Cunningham answered every single question raised by every yahoo on the Internet I wouldn't back him either.

I don't care if he supports gay marriage ceremonies by U.S. Military chaplains, wants to support our President's plan for Afghanistan or yours, or wants to make Janeane Garofalo the happiest woman on earth.

He still aint Richard Burr.

He ain't Richard burr

That's true. What I am looking to hear from Cal is that he shares our agenda. I don't want a DINO like some of the candidates that are getting national money. I want someone who van advance the party

By the way...who is "our" when it comes to agenda?

And is "our" agenda written down anywhere like the real one written down by the DSCC that actually funds these things like a $40 million Senate run?

I promise Cal is negotiating for money from the players that raise and hold it. Ignoring you is part of the process.

When you raise DSCC money, you get to have your questions answered.

Until then, you just blog for the NRSC by using words like DINO for our best recruits.

DINO. What does that make a blogger like you? A BINO?

Play nice now

It's almost enough to make me a WINO.

But you're right about that money business. Burr's sitting on a million plus. If candidates can't dial for dollars, they're dead on arrival. That's the sad truth.

If this isn't a case for expanded public campaign funding, I don't know what is.

This WINO apologizes

I just want to win.

Clucking your tongue only goes so far. Even in Buenos Aires.

I totally agree with you

I like Cal a lot. I think he does share the broader vision - the vision of the national party.

I think my point wasn't clear. If we try to just find the candidate that is most easily elected, we may not get someone who is committed to the actual written agenda. This is a historic chance, and I think Cal can do the job. My post was in praise of Cal.


That's true. What I am looking to hear from Cal is that he shares our agenda.

You want Jim Neal.

How'd that work out?

And yes, I missed the reply button. Sorry.

It worked out fine, actually

Jim's campaign helped to define the top issues that were explored/debated in the Democratic Primary, and he also encouraged a quarter of a million NC Democrats to vote for a gay man for Senate. Kay Hagan emerged from that Primary race very well "seasoned", and went on to run a solid and effective campaign against Liddy Dole. It's entirely possible that, if there hadn't been a hotly contested Primary, Kay might not have had the experience and momentum to beat Liddy.

Look, so far Cal appears to be a very good prospect, but where he stands on issues is important. I think we should try to get him to do a live blog with us as soon as possible, even if he is still undecided. It will help us get to know him better, and it might give him some idea of what issues he wants to lay claim to (signature) for his campaign. We need to be able to get excited about him, but he needs to be able to get excited about running for Senate, too.

Is this a joke?

"Hotly contested?"

I mean seriously, is this a joke?

I could have "encouraged a quarter million" cats to vote for a yellow dog and had the same result.

US SENATE - DEM (Vote For 1)
Vote Type Summary

Contest Detail Map
100 of 100 Counties Reporting
Percent Votes

Kay Hagan (DEM)
60.07% 801,920

Jim Neal (DEM)
17.95% 239,623

Marcus W. Williams (DEM)
12.81% 170,970

Howard Staley (DEM)
4.52% 60,403

Duskin C. Lassiter (DEM)
4.65% 62,136

That's a FIVE PERSON primary and "Marcus Williams" is every bit the "hotly contested" person with a name on a ballot that idiots that don't read the paper much less BlueNC randomly vote for to which you ascribe Jim Neal's "success" as (of all things) "a gay man!"

Good freaking Banana Republic, you're deluded if you think Hagan did anything but win in SPITE of Jim Neal's campaign.

Thank God nobody in NC reads blogs.

No, it's not a joke

If you had been involved in this race you would know that. Just a few months before the election, and before Kay ran the only tv ad in the race, this is what was going on:

Jim Neal, a Chapel Hill investment banker, is supported by 21 percent of likely voters, compared to state Sen. Kay Hagan of Greensboro, with 18 percent, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WTVD-TV.

And less than a month before the election:

Hagan and Neal are essentially tied, with her receiving 21 percent support and him 20 percent. Lesser-known candidates Duskin Lassiter, Marcus Williams and Howard Staley trail with six percent, five percent and four percent, respectively.

If that doesn't qualify as "hotly contested", then what would?

You're entitled to your opinion, but there are much better ways of expressing that opinion than employing sarcasm and insults.

Fair enough

It was a "hotly contested" primary where a few weeks after your poll which showed 45 percent of Democrats still undecided, 40 percent broke for Kay, five percent went to Marcus, and Jim somehow managed to lose three points of previously stated support.

As you say, I wasn't involved, which just means I have no need to wear rose colored glasses when looking objectively back on that race.

Though I do defer to your judgment on Neal helping frame the hot button issues and agree that he did.

After all, I certainly don't recall Elaine Marshall or Erskine Bowles spending nearly as much time constantly being asked by press to address "teh gay" issue.

For what it's worth, maybe it all did work ultimately in Kay's favor over Dole, but that wouldn't be conventional thinking and a generous stretch at best.

Very nice


Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You Hear That

Our "Darling" Cunningham.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?