The Meekins Chronicles: Racism is Right

Shorter Frederick Meekins: poor Muslims ought to shut up and eat pork.

This guy would be funny if he weren't so hateful. When a group described as part of the "extreme right" offers pork soup to the poor, there's a fairly good chance that the ingredients were chosen to exclude Muslims. (The "charity" calls it "identity soup;" the group's leader describes its mission as the defense of the "rights of the little whites.") That's pretty much the definition of racism. And I don't see anything wrong with police using an existing permitting structure to put an end to race baiting. (This is all in France, by the way.)

NC Rumors is a valuable aggregator of NC news, but it can't be taken seriously as a political voice as long as it's sole active editorialist is a reactionary caricature. I think I remember once reading some thoughtful conservative commentary there. Did I imagine that?