McHenry's unreported asset confirmed

parcel.JPGLast week Republican Dennis Benfield of Caldwell County wrote in the Hickory Daily Record that McHenry owned property which he did not list on his financial disclosure statements.

And at the Lincoln County town hall, a 70-something woman named Farrie Blackburn politely asked McHenry about it. After a long stunned moment, McHenry said there wasn't a "word of truth in that article." She said she was sure that the figures were accurate, that she knew the author. Pat then required that all questions be submitted first in writing.

Below you'll see a segment of the Catawba County assessment for the property, linked here. Also below you can see the page of assets from his 2006 report linked here. It's owned by McHenry and it just ain't listed in his report.


And in blue map above you can see land layout (it's a condo so he owns only a fraction of this parcel of property.

In that assessment from January 1, 2007 there are other assessments going back to 1997. Even if they were under a previous owner, I'm going to go ahead and assume he owned it December 31, 2006, which makes it omitted from the 2006 financial disclosure documents filed May 15, 2007.

UPDATE:Greg Flynn (see comment below) found the deed proving that McHenry purchased the property in 2005, now valued at $143,300.

On a more amusing note, in 2006, McHenry bought the house where he lived with convicted illegal voter Michael Aaron Lay in 2004. It's the Cherryville property on the form. He lists it as rental property.

I have to say it sure makes me wonder if he didn't acquire it as the Lay investigation heated up! I've seen those CSI shows where trace evidence of who knows what shows up years after the alleged misconduct . . .

But back to the numbers, you know, hard facts.

For the year 2006, McHenry reported these figures: from $342,000 to 930,000 in assets, from $160,000 to 365,000 in debts, and from $33,300 to 100,000 in income outside his Congressional salary. So, his self-reported net worth was $177,000 to 565,000. That makes the $140,000 condo somewhat of a significant oversight.

For 2004, he reported assets from $250,000 to 755,000, debts from $50,000 to 100,000 with income from assets of $206 to $16,200 and his former state legislator income of $20,658. but don't trust my addition. Here are the documents.

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House financial disclosures not online

You have to go to the Cannon office building and visit the Clerk's office. Good thing OpenSecrets dot org already did that.

A page is missing from McHenry's 2005 report. I might go down and check it out and ask (on video perhaps?) why they legally require these reports but make them only available to people who live near DC.

Nice "disclosure" law, eh?
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Well, I did my search there

and found this article. (It tells me this link is "open" but I don't trust it. Since I have a password for the originating search engine, I'd like to know if the link does work for someone else.)

That article is just for local pols and I saw no other links. Every paper should publish the info for their local Congressman. But since they usually just print the press releases (or, in CharO's case, print sappy love-letters from Lisa), I guess we can't be expecting that anyone in the 10th will print actual hard data any time soon.
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Link works

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Dear Pat:

Are you guilty of (1) profiteering from your status as an elected official, (2) sheer incompetence, or (3) tax evasion?

Great work, DQ. Most excellent research.

There are also two anomalies from the 2005 reports

One: he filed an amendment, listing properties individually instead of lumping them into two different "partnerships." The money then comes out differently. For example, for one partnership he listed no income. Once he split up the properties, you can see that there was income but that he owed a mortgage so perhaps the total income to that partnership was zero. Also, the total asset value comes out differently. Of course, that could be because of the way they are reported as a range of values.

Two: Either he didn't file Schedule IV: Transactions in 2005 (either in the original OR in the amended version) or it's open secrets dot org missed it in error. I tried to find another version on line but that's when I found out the House does not make them available except in person.

But it interesting that the transaction page is missing the very year he has acquired on his own (not in partnership) his most valuable asset: a house in Charlotte at 4211 Pete Brown Rd. And that house's income is listed as "none." So, while it could be his family's home or perfectly innocent. The string of anomalies is making me suspicious.

As to Anglico's questions: why are these assets not reported or underreported? His financial situation is not that complex. Dennis Benfield suspects these are ways to bury legally questionable incoming assets. It certainly doesn't look good. If his opponent neglected to mention an asset this size for three years, he certainly would attack with both barrels . . .

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Condo ownership detail

The condo was put up for sale Monday February 28th 2005 "at public auction at the Catawba County Courthouse door, when and where Patrick T. McHenry became the last and highest bidder for the said land at the price of $139,949.25". The deed is dated April 27th, 2005. The "mail to":" address listed for Patrick T. McHenry is C/O Williams Law Firm, Hickory. The related Deed of Trust was not signed by McHenry personally but by Jason J. Deans with Power of Attorney. However the POA on record does bear his signature with the characteristic flourish. The borrowed amount is $132,950. The current tax value is $143,300

Thanks, Greg

I was just about to post that. Saved me the energy . . . My computer kept freezing on that site last night.
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Where's Jason

By the way Deans was six months late paying his vehicle property tax to Catawba.

Current Due: $0.00
Due Date: 05/01/2006
Interest Begins: 06/01/2006
Paid in Full: 01/08/2007
Amount Paid: $317.45

They were probably sending his mail to an address he wasn't living at.

He's also delinquent on his current Wake County taxes for the same vehicle:
Current Due: $304.44
Due Date: 05/01/2007
Interest Begins: 06/01/2007

Where's Jason?

Bought in 2005? Well, that makes one more anomaly for that year.

McHenry gets to Congress, acquires two properties. One fails to appear on any form at all. The other is reported as an asset but the "transactions" schedule for that year is missing . . .

No, that's not suspicious. That transactions schedule has to be missing so he's just committing an oversight, not outright lying about having "transacted" for two properties that year, one he doesn't report.
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Correction on the Requa addy

My bad. It's not the same number. Thanks to an anonymous reader . . . all that snarkiness gone to waste. Sigh.
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Congressman McHenry will have a perfectly evasive response to these transactifications. If he's feeling particularly frisky he might even blame Al Qaeda, The Mexicans, or the Democrat Party. I'm sure it'll be a "witch hunt", "playing politics", "politics of personal destruction", "a fishing expedition". It'll be anything other than an honest explanation from Congressman McHenry. His entire game is built on yelling at people and tearing them down.

You worked hard to find this DQ. Good work.

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Which newspapers would you recommend sharing this information with? Which LTE outlets would be best.

Anyone who provides intertubes links to these newspapers gets bonus points and a cookie.

Scrutiny Hooligans -

Hickory, Statesville, Shelby, Gaston, Lenoir, Morganton papers

Lincoln won't print it. Avery might. Mitchell probably won't but it's worth a try.

FYI the counties are: Avery, Burke, Caldwell, Catawba, Gaston*, Iredell*, Lincoln, Mitchell, Rutherford* (the asterisks indicate partial counties).

I'm gonna write a sample LTE when I figure out if he filed the missing page and it's just an Open Secrets omission. If he didn't report two acquisitions by just skipping the page and then he doesn't report an asset for two years, that's a stronger story.

He'll still say it's a mistake. I wonder what the laws are for enforcement. This isn't an FEC matter, I don't think.
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Well I'm wondering about voter fraud

So, he owns a house in Hickory and one in Charlotte neither of which he rents. (Well, if he rents the one in Hickory, that makes it not only an unreported asset but unreported income, as well). And he owns a house in Cherryville for which he collects rent, which he only purchased in 2006. So,why is he voting in Cherryville?
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Check this out.

If I want to view a financial disclosure form at the House clerk's office this is my welcome:

Reports of Members are printed annually by the Clerk and distributed as a House Document. Individuals who want to review the records must fill out a form stating name, address, and occupation. These requests are retained and made public for 6 years from the date of the request.

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Big Brotha

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