McHenry deputy field director arrested for driving while impaired.

From The Observer:

McHenry suspends deputy field director after DWI charge

The deputy field director for U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-N.C., was charged early Sunday with driving while impaired by Gaston County police, his office said Tuesday.

Brett Keeter was suspended for two weeks without pay, McHenry's chief of staff Jon Causey said Wednesday, and he will be required to successfully complete alcohol education classes. He also has been ordered to perform community service with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Causey said.

"I am disappointed in Brett's actions, which do not adhere to the principles and high standards of our office," Causey said. "I am confident he will learn from this mistake and turn it into a constructive, positive influence in his life going forward."

Keeter's attorney, Craig Collins of Gastonia, declined to provide more details. He said Keeter was released at the scene and that a court appearance is scheduled in October. -- Lisa Zagaroli

More trouble for McHenry and his staff... One question I have (that isn't snarky, anyway ;) )... Aren't you innocent until proven guilty? Shouldn't they wait until he's convicted to punish him? I don't know, I guess its just me.

OT: In preview the year shows as 1969?


Patty Party time gone Wild as usual?

He also has been ordered to perform community service with Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Causey said.

That's like being torture by the Bush neo-con agenda.

The Mothers Against Drunk Driving is most unconstitutional mob to ever hit the roads as Police State Nannys.....


Citation Number: C8285970
Officer Name: SHELOR,M,K

Arraigned Offenses for Case Number: 2007014558 CR
Arraigned Defendant Name: KEETER,JAMES,BRETT
County: GASTON
Court Date: 10/10/2007
Session: AM
Court Room: 002A

5405 Traffic DRIVING WHILE IMPAIRED 20-138.1
4477 Infraction FAIL TO DIM HEADLAMPS 20-181
9955 Traffic CIVIL REVOCATION DR LIC (30) 20-16.5

thanks for the details.

thanks for the details.

Kudos to the Gaston Paper on this one

Credit where credit is due. Lisa actually wrote a story about McHenry without inhaling methane and just check out Adam Linhardt at the Gaston Gazette.

He actually mentioned the Lay story, tying two bad stories in one short summer together like any good reporter. Thanks, Adam, for not drinking the McHenry kool aid!

Keeter is the second person with ties to McHenry to be charged with a crime in the last four months.

Michael Aaron Lay, 26, accepted deferred prosecution on Aug. 8 and will be on unsupervised probation for six months in connection with a voter fraud charge.

Lay worked on McHenry’s 2004 campaign for Congress.

A Gaston County grand jury indicted Lay in May on two counts of election fraud related to his votes in Gaston County during the 2004 primary election.

McHenry was elected to the 10th Congressional District, which includes includes northwestern Gaston County, and all or parts of nine other counties, including Lincoln and Cleveland counties.

You can reach Adam Linhardt at (704) 869-1828

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Patty Photo Op Employee Mug Shot,!Out of slight and mind

Lisa actually wrote a story about McHenry without inhaling methane and just check out Adam Linhardt at the Gaston Gazette.*DQ

That mug shot confirms that Adam must have got a Meth sniff somewhere......out of slight....What a thug look...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

two comments...

...apparently the republicans were right...north carolina's election rolls do contain the names of fraudulent voters. maybe we should challenge all republican votes in '08, since 100% of all convicted fraudulent voters come from that side.

also, maybe mc henry intends to fire him after 30 days or so...unless...we find a misdirected phone message left somewhere that makes things worse.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

In 2004, McHenry was elected by Diebold

That was a REAL mess.

Gaston County was the one county with 100% paperless Diebold touch-screen machines AND had thousands of votes missing about a week after the election

Nov 13, 2004: Gaston County. About 12,000 votes cast in Gaston County have not yet been counted, elections director Sandra Page said Tuesday. Page said most early and absentee votes were not included in the county's unofficial election results because of a procedural error. The inclusion of the votes in the county's results, expected Tuesday afternoon, could change the outcome of several local and statewide races.

...Gaston County. After data was transmitted from the precincts to the central station, it was discovered that there was no data for the Dallas precinct in the GEMS database. Office records from election night, kept by a staff member, showed that information was received, Gaston County Elections Director Sandra Page said. She believes the computer system recorded a successful transmission without receiving any data.

Also, Gaston's BOE hired Diebold's technicians to work during election week in order to upload the votes and troubleshoot:


The county pays a technician from Diebold to operate its systems on Election Day. That person was in charge of transferring early votes from electronic storage to the counting computer. Diebold believes the transmission was interrupted, said spokesman David Bear

Documents surface in NC with Diebold and Gaston Co. The Diebold technician had to transmit the missing results to Diebold's office to be "fixed".

It is an exchange between an attorney at Diebold Election Systems, Inc. (DESI) and the general counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections. It mostly centers around a few incidents that occured in Gaston Co., NC. It is a great illustration of a number of worrying characteristics of the vendor/jurisdiction relationship typical of modern election systems.

There was a problem with 11,945 votes from Dallas.
NC DESI's accounting is just as bad as its math, they overbilled Gaston Co. around $10,000 in expenses

Diebold billed Gaston County a total of $81,561.28 from January 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004:

$35,850.00 in annual fees including extended warranty and license for hardware and software
$31,000 for onsite labor for June, July and November
$8,512.15 for travel for DESI representatives
$4,098.88 for ballot programming charges
$2,100.25 for taxes, supplies and shipping and handling

Gaston County now has ES&S Optical Scanners (like a multiple choice test paper) and electronic ballot marking devices for the disabled, elderly or illiterate.

Diebold had former state Senator Steve Metcalf as their lobbyist, but I think he was upset when the company tried to skirt our law. I kinda felt sorry for him when when he got caught up in the mower blades of our anti-Diebold effort.

How many votes elected McHenry?


Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

I think it was around 85?

In the Republican primary...

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Why wasn't this investigated?

Why did the board not investigate the 2004 election results from Gaston County (all the elections including primaries)?

What happened to Mrs. Paige and what all do this people know about the votes?

Mchenry is from Gaston County, right?

was investigated, the election director resigned, and changes:

Don Wright, the General Counsel for the State Board of Elections did investigate.
Sandra Page, the Director of Elections resigned. The real story is that the Diebold machines were so difficult to deal with that officials become dependent on expensive in-person vendor provided technical support.

Two Elections Officials Resign In Gaston County

Associated Press December 16, 2004
GASTONIA, N.C. Gaston County's elections director and the chairman of its elections board resigned after investigations revealed mishandling of vote tallies in the Nov. 2 general election.

Elections director Sandra Page, who has held her post for 15 years, resigned Wednesday following a six-hour, closed-door meeting of the board. Also resigning was Tony Branch, who heads the board.

Page and Branch left the county's elections office as board member Richard Jordan announced their departures.

The moves came in the midst of an investigation by the State Board of Elections of Page's performance collecting and counting votes in last month's election.

More than 13,000 votes were omitted from the county's unofficial election results on election night, but they were later d. However, dozens of ballots cast at curbside by voters who could not walk into a precinct may not have been counted, officials said.

The counsel for the state board, Don Wright, questioned Page for two days about the problems, including a failure by poll workers to check the number of ballots cast against the number of people recorded as voting. Page walked out of a Nov. 23 interview with Wright; she had been on sick leave ever since....

Then something weird happend to the voting machines not long after that election debacle:

Water damages 100 voting machines in Gaston County

Faulty toilet suspected in weekend incident; $500,000 damage seen

KAREN CIMINO Charlotte Observer 12 January 2005

GASTONIA - Water from a malfunctioning toilet may have destroyed 100 of Gaston County's 339 voting machines, causing about $500,000 damage over the weekend.

Gaston County commissioners discussed the damaged machines during their meeting Tuesday night. It's the latest in a series of problems that have plagued the Gaston County Board of Elections since the Nov. 2 election.

What troubled me is that it took so long for the SBOE to realize that Gaston County was missing so many votes.

Good news is this: Now the SBOE does "well-ness checks" of each County Election office to ensure that they are properly trained and maintain their records correctly and thoroughly.

See -

These are the drums we should be beating. Lying on financial disclosure reports, funky election results. The other stuff is definitely interesting and more sensational, but the meat of it is here.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

LC, You are so right

Speaking of software and elections scandals. The murder victim in Florida, Ralph Gonzalez, is a Tom Feeney guy. Tom Feeney is involved in two software scandals involving his former employer Yang Enterprises. I'll address the one most relevant which was made public by Yang employee Clint Curtis (who testified under oath to Congress and passed a polygraph) who said he was asked to write software to throw an election. Here's a good summary.

Clint Curtis quit Yang to whistle-blow (because it was against his contract). He then switched from R to D, ran for congress against Feeney. For Feeney (whom he had helped get elected to state house where he became speaker) Ralph Gonzalez led a smear campaign against Curtis that included all kinds of dirty tricks.

These people are closely connected to McHenry and that's might have something to do with why Brett Keeter overindulged so dramatically this weekend. Apparently Republicans are trying to get McHenry to lay low against all these allegations but I'm sure that goes against the grain for him. Pat's staff are probably all feeling the stress what with Pat's implied involvement in this voter fraud case, his long involved public and idiotic earmark hypocrisy and his multiple financial irregularities.

Yes, this DUI is somewhat more sensational than substantive, but if it brings more attention to McHenry. Hopefully, people interested in this small personal alcoholism tragedy will come to posts like this and then pay attention to this other more important stuff. We might as well use human curiosity to our advantage, right?

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

DQ I think it's amazing

It's also somewhat sad that the internet public in general cares more about the DUI than they do about the true scandals of this culture of deception and corruption. So many people seem to think that we have to accept the voter fraud, hypocrisy and financial shenanigans from politicians. They've come to expect it. It's not even considered news by most of them.

I'm not defending driving drunk - but I have to say that I don't know many people who haven't done something stupid in their lives, at least once. I know I've driven when I shouldn't have - back in my bullet-proof and invisible days. I'm lucky I never got pulled over or hurt anyone. (I didn't do it often, but it only takes once, yes?) But this is the kind of thing that news that folks want to read about. No wonder MSM is so screwed up. They're driven by ratings -- and this kind of thing is "sexier". They're selling a product, and the way things are set up, they've got to sell what folks will buy. Sad.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Everything's really messed up LC

I've talked to so many young republicans that quit because of McHenry. He's awful yet they feel obligated not to tell on him. Some of them want him to go down so badly but they won't go on the record because of the payback. There's this culture that the winner (by any means) must be supported (by any means).

And they quit because if they had stayed in politics, they felt their future careers would be threatened and/or manipulated by McHenry. Or, they were just so repulsed by the whole thing they left out of sheer disgust.

These are nice people. Republicans, yes, who disagree with me on so many things but moral good people I would be happy to oppose in honest debate. But they are no longer involved. I don't know how much Democratic backroom crap turns away young Democrats. But, something's really wrong when the best and most sincere young republicans feel threatened or repulsed into leaving right when Republicans had so much power.

That's why I'm so mad at McHenry. He's ruining his own party. He's sabotaging the future by keeping the corruptable young ones and pushing away the worthy admirable ones.

Of course, Brett Keeter needs help. But I'm afraid that's way off the radar screen with the people he's associated with right now.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

I totally get that, DQ

It's not Republicans in general who have done this. It's Rovians. Like McHenry - the win at any cost type. I'm sure we've got a few in the Democratic Party; I just don't know them, nor do I want to.

I also think that there are a lot more Democrats (like you and me) who are more like to tell a dishonest character like that to go fuck themselves. But I know that's my partisan bias showing.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Well.....National Enquirer type articles do sell

I still don't like them.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Maybe I'm wrong but if I can use the more attention-grabbing

material to funnel readers to what I consider to be the real stories, then I will.

I don't feel like I have a choice. I don't have the time to write the zillion posts on each scandal that it would take to get the attention they deserve. I have to use the stuff that grabs attention to get my links in to the stuff that should have grabbed people's attention in the first place.

It's strategy. And as long as I have inside sources that have never misled me that can confirm, I feel like it's as legitimate as (or more than) the New York Times or the Washington Post. Unlike Patrick McHenry (who lied about all of his Republican opponents) or Charles Taylor (who insinuated that Patsy Keever was a pornographer), I'm not making this stuff up.

When you're talking about people who threaten other people's careers and blackmail them and when you're dealing with this level of corruption in a district that has no Washington reporter and newspapers that refuse to ask obvious questions, is it wrong to use a DUI or any salacious allegations (for which you do have several independent and completely reliable sources) to get the real news to the attention of major blogs or district newspapers? I don't think so.

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

I didn't say you shouldn't do it

I just said I don't like them. I don't read the National Enquirer for a reason. I don't do tabloids. I'm sure I'm missing out on something. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I don't think so

Missing out. I used to look at them in the checkout line and my Granny (the original Mad Mattie) used to buy them. They're pretty much boring.

Although some times they break a big story the traditional press has ignored ... or is that an urban myth?
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Weekly World News is always my favorite

They're the ones who can be counted on to have Elvis meeting BatBoy. I believe they have or will soon stop paper production, but will still be online.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

See...told you I was missing out. ;)

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

if you did not yet know...

...diebold and es&s systems machines use the same basic software.

if you're not familiar with the issues, to make a long story short, it is extremely easy to susbtitute a new software load for the original one, with no trace being left of the event (it appears that no "log files" of any kind are kept by the software).

it is easy to open the deibold voting machine's cabinet, access the motherboard, and load the new software without breaking the cabinet's seals. i do not know if this is possible as easily with the es&s machines.

it is also possible to alter the machines to accept software input wirelessly and remotely...suggesting "interrupted transmissions" can be easily arranged.

finally, the machines contain a removable memory card (which is supposed to be delivered to the local election officials) and internal memory that is supposed to create two opportunites to store voter data...even if the power is lost. who decided to "erase" the machines (and when) when it became evident the votes were not reported? (unaltered machines cannot be "batch erased"-it would require a tech to erase each machine and memory card individually...)

and where are those memory cards now?
(forensic analysis might be quite revealing...any unc computer science professors interested?)

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Diebold uses Windows CE, while ES&S has own system

No, Diebold and ES&S have different software. Diebold uses Windows CE, and ES&S does not.

See more about Diebold's software here:

You can read the evaluations at the Ohio SOS site, where COmpuware and others have looked at the systems.

Yes, they both equally vulnerable, but we don't allow "sleepovers" for the voting machines in North Carolina as do some states, which helps cut down on security risks some.

Diebold fled North Carolina for a reason, and that reason is the checks and balances and accountability built into our law. It is audits, and the fear of audits, that serves as a great deterrent to fraud.
We have stringent requirements of the voting machine companies, require them to post a bond to cover damages (if a new election is needed because their machines messed up) and the CEO has to sign a sworn affadavit that they will advise us right away of any problems with their machines, and that the software in escrow is the software on the machines. To violate this could result in felony charges and civil penalties.

the link located... shows an es&s automark machine running windows ce 5.0.

i have not confirmed if the ivotronic or other es&s machines can or have shipped with win ce, which is the more relevant question.

the second hari hursti report is linked here, and it is the source of my original comment regarding the lineage of the two environments.

i did read the gs containing the requirements for certification in nc, and i suspect you are exactly right that diebold has no desire whatsoever to have that code placed in any "escrow account" that might someday be placed at the control of an outside entity.

the biggest question of all: will mail-in voting render this entire debate moot?

in washington state, for example, at least 34 of 39 counties only vote by mail (with a very few exceptions...disabled voters can vote in person, for example)-a trend that could easily spread.

"...i feel that if a person can't communicate, the very least he can do is to shut up." --tom lehrer, january 1965

Sooooo ...

can't they arrest McHenry for living while impaired?

Mt Patty Pickle UFO Myths?

Brett Keeter, 13, saw a
white cigar-shaped UFO while riding his bicycle. The UFO moved horizontally
at low altitude above Mt. Holly, then the soundless object made a 60 degree
turn and left the area. toward the future campaign HeadQuarters of Congressman McHenry. Young Mr Keeter claims the cigar was winking at him during it's exit from the rear town limits of Mt Holly.

can't they arrest McHenry for living while impaired?*Dharma Pup

Yes and No! Yes if he is dead, No if he is found driving in any Men's Truckstop restroom in Gaston County. However, under the unfair and unbalance act of 1999, he can be arrested for filing a false UFO report and declare retarded.

It's a shame

A man having the status of mister Patrick McHenry shouldn't be seen in this posture. It's a bad example for anyone who looks up to him. What will we hear next? That president Bush took his narconon pill and then operated heavy machinery although the box said no?

Last I saw his court date is tomorrow

Session starts at 9:30 in Gaston County Courtroom 3B

28054 DOB: **/**/**** Court date: 12/12/2007 Courtroom: 003B Session: AM Case Number: 2007CR014558 Citation Number: C8285970

News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

Why do these guys all look alike?

Republican hit men, that is.

Imagine picture of another Republican hit man here.

Legal Chaos in"Patty" Courtroom?

All Stand! Judge Hang'em High & Waterboard Gaston is entering the Courtroom!* Deputy Dog Barney Fitt

Please be seated! * Judge Gaston

Ohley! Ohley! Duh Judge is seated* Deputy Dog Barney Fitt

Okay Deputy! What's first?* Judge Gaston

Your Honor, The State vs JAMES, BRETT, "UFO" KEETER Case Number: 2007CR014558 * Deputy Dog Barney Fitt

What's the charges?* Judge Gaston

Driving while impaired! Displaying a Beer label without a licence after hours! Looking ugly and guilty! Filing a fake police report about a UFO hoving over his government issued black SUV! Lying to a Congresswomen! * Deputy Dog Barney Fitt

That's it? * Judge Gaston

Yes sir! * Deputy Dog Barney Fitt

How do you plead defendant? * Judge Gaston

Uh Your Honor! I am the defendant lawyer and we demand a jury trial out of this state due to media coverage of my client. * Lawyer Nifong

Is that right Mr Ketter? * Judge Gaston

No sir! My lawyer is lying and I want to plea out right now so I can make my lunch meeting with Senator Dole about a national security issue* Defendant "UFO" Ketter

Is that the congresswomen who you are charge with about lying to? * Judge Gaston

No sir! That's Congresswomen " Patty" McHenry my former employer who ratted me out on this matter! * Defendant "UFO" Ketter

Oh! That little fruitcake! * Judge Gaston

Yes Sir! And he even planted that UFO over my SUV while the Officer was looking for Pot in my SUV.* Defendant "UFO" Ketter

Look Defendant "UFO" Ketter, I am going to dismissed all the charges against you since you are meeting with Senator Dole on a very secret terrorist matter in the interest of National Security and get that silly Beer label off your face before you leave this courtroom. * Judge Gaston

Your Honor! I can't get if off since it is superglue to my nose! * Defendant "UFO" Ketter

Well use hotwater or find a blow dryer to get it off!* Judge Gaston

Your Honor! That is how the problem started! Congresswomen " Patty" and Me were engaged in a video game called " Wacking Mr Johnson and sticking it to him" He try to blow it off your Honor and that is what drove me to drink! * Defendant "UFO" Ketter

Get out of my courtroom and never come back Son! * Judge Gaston