A McCrory spokesman referred questions to the Department of Public Safety.


This is a Fine Example...

...of what has become "business as usual" in Raleigh:

This law has existed in its current form since 2010, and earlier versions of the program go back even further. No one has heard much of anything about it until...

  1. Phil Berger's kid raises the issue. In his letter, he copies (convicted criminal and DPI director) Kieran Shanahan and (eager to restart executing people) Thom Goolsby, Justice and Public Safety Appropriations committee co-chair.
  2. ==> THIS IS THE IMPORTANT LINK IN THE CHAIN: The Uncivil Civitas Institute writes about the issue -- promising that "Civitas plans to reveal more about this issue soon". (ooooh!)
  3. With his bosses Berger (Jr. or not) and Pope now making noise, Goolsby snaps to attention and makes himself the center of attention (something he's quite good at).
  4. McCrory, who was the audience of Phil Jr.'s letter, and therefore is assumed to be the one responsible for addressing the issue, completely punts (in this case, we suspect because he is completely focused on his big fundraising soiree and he doesn't have the mental capacity to think about more than one thing at a time; however, other reasons for punting include cluelessness, ignorance, disinterest, fear and incompetence).

This is a pattern that can be observed for other topics. The abbreviated version is that things are under the radar until the Pope regime shines a light on them, and then one of their NCGA foot soldiers loudly takes up the cause (there's no shortage of blustering spotlight seekers) and McCrory punts for one or more of the reasons listed.

At least the circus has three rings. Sadly, although it's entertaining at some level, it's not funny and it's very, very harmful.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014