Facing South wonders about the silence of lefty blogs on the planned May 1 immigration rallies.

What's going on? Why is the progressive blogosphere so completely out of touch? Is it because most of them closely identify with partisan politics, and the Democratic Party doesn't have a very clear position on the immigration issue? Is it due to a racial blindspot in the blogosphere, connected to its demographic make-up (and yes, I know Markos at DKos hails from El Salvador; I'm talking about the larger reality)? Do they not understand the historic nature of this movement?

That's a series of good questions, which I'm having a hard time answering on behalf of this website. My off-the-cuff response is that we have tended to focus on inside baseball type politics—who is running where, who has raised what funds, who is doing their job well, who is begging for prison time. But that raises the question of whether we're missing something. (Have I missed posts on this on BlueNC?)


I get the importance of the issue

but in this particular case, I feel even more disempowered than in general. Plus the answers seem pretty obvious to me. Strengthen security, provide many options for people to become contributing citizens. Stop the xenophobia. Play nice. Let people speak whatever language they want.

I thought the new Spanish version of the anthem was very cool. Of course, the Bushman panned it as un 'Merican.

I have my blinders on

With everything I have going on, I have to stick with writing about the things I already have some experience with. It isn't a lack of interest or's a lack of time and energy.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

What I know. Or don't...

about immigration. Well...
1) How about jobs in Mexico? Why are there no jobs there?
Does NAFTA have anything to do with this?
2) Why does "amnesty" involve citizenship? Why can't we hand out green cards?
3) I assume most of our new Latino neighbors in NC can't vote. Why should Democrats be concerned? I mean, I know why; but I don't hear Democratic leaders talk about why.
4) What if we found a way to make these jobs attractive to native workers? A lot of these jobs are good jobs. Skilled trades? C'mon. Make the world go round. Does any of this have to do with the destruction of the unions?


One of the things I was mulling over today

had to do with the jobless's low, but many of the jobs being added are low paying jobs with no benefits. It's just still hard for me to buy into the thing about "them taking our jobs"....
It doesn't make sense. Most illegal aliens are not working in jobs that are highly sought by Americans. I still feel like I'm missing something and feel uncomfortable getting too deep in discussion lest my utter lack of knowledge on the subject show.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.