Markos and I are Just Good Friends

Enough outrage already. I need help.

And no, Vernon Robinson is not funny.

Okay, I admit that I laughed out loud the first time I heard Robinson's radio ads. And I agree with getmeoutofdixie's diary on Friday that Robinson's "recap" of my "life as a hippie radical" was pretty funny. My real life seems pretty boring by comparison.

And if you're wondering about Markos and me, we're just good friends. Well, we're good friends considering that we've never actually met.

But last week I talked to a friend who was with his daughter in the car when a Robinson ad came on the radio. His daughter is in elementary school and has Hispanic playmates. He explained to her that the ads were contrary to the values he had taught her. My friend knows that for the next six months, his daughter will see television ads and hear radio ads that are filled with hatred for gays, for Latinos, for who knows who else.

That's not funny.

In 2004, Robinson's far right appeals raised $2,969,671 for his unsuccessful campaign for Congress in an adjoining district. This time he has probably been on track to raise only about half that, which I could probably handle. Not anymore.

Yesterday People for the American Way publicly called on the Republican National Committee to repudiate Robinson's campaign. "It might be tempting to dismiss Robinson as a fringe candidate, but he has successfully fended off two primary challengers and his prolific fundraising makes him a credible threat," Ralph Neas said. Here is the response by the RNC spokesman: "By picking this fight, People for the American Way just handed Vernon Robinson literally millions of dollars in free fundraising and visibility."

Great. Just great.

I really don't need even one more thread about how outrageous Robinson is. If you want to show your revulsion to Robinson's campaign, there's a real simple way to do it. You can volunteer if you live around here, and you can contribute wherever you live.

Of course, I think there are many outstanding reasons to support my campaign this year. I have spoken up for integrity in scientific research. I have called for accountability for the shameful failures in our response to Katrina. I have spoken out about increasing income inequality. I have tried to bring the netroots and the Democratic establishment together. Even if you don't agree exactly with my current position on Iraq, on the eve of the invasion in March of 2003, when too many Democrats were scrambling for cover, I got it dead right. I have worked to protect freedom of expression on the internet without eviscerating the campaign finance laws. And I am the lead sponsor of legislation to protect consumers from predatory mortgage loans, legislation backed by consumer and civil rights groups.

One way or the other, I need serious money for this campaign. I'd like to think you'll contribute to keep me in Congress, but if you just want to show your revulsion for hate mongering, I'll take it.


Thanks for the perspective

For most of us bloggers, outrage is like chocolate: you know it's empty calories, but you just can't stop. For those who crave the spotlight, though, that there's no such thing as bad publicity. As for the rest of us, esse quam videri.


Especially ridiculous considering that both are married men.

Give till it hurts

because whatever hurt you're feeling, the hurt that will come if we don't retain this seat will be a thousand times worse.

Vernon Robinson: Black Man in Bed with Two White Women

I think that's a great title and should send the racist GOoPers in Raleigh running to help Brad.

I wasn't trying to stoop to Robinson's level...I was shooting a little lower ;)

uh...ya'll do know I'm talking about Malkin and Coulter...right?....and it's in reference to Robinson putting Brad and Markos in the same position, right?.....

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

we're moving

My husband said that if Vernon wins, we're moving. He wasn't kidding. Living in NC and having Dole and Burr as our senators is bad enough... having Vernon as our rep would be disasterous.

Too much shame for one state to bear

Can I just say....I love Mel Watt. He is a wonderful human being.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Two white women?

Malkin is Filipino

I know she isn't white...but that doesn't work as well

I mean...if you're going to stoop as low as Vernon Robinson and change the sexual orientation of two men...I figure it's ok to change the ethnicity of one woman.

Work for you?

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Remember, with Vernon it isn't about the truthiness

It's all about the lies and how many Republicans you can get in bed with you to spread them. Lies are a communicable disease in the GOP. They've all caught a case of them.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.