Mark Meadows: The anatomy of a brown-noser

Being a towel-boy for Trump must be exhausting:

“Congressman Meadows is in regular contact with the White House and the president’s legal team and is a crucial ally who amplifies the president’s views and the president’s case to the American people,” said a source familiar with his involvement, who added that Meadows has been to the White House at least once in the last week.

The White House counsel’s office and Meadows and his staff are also in touch by phone. Meadows has made multiple media appearances, a willing interview at a time when many senators are avoiding the press. He went on Fox News on Thursday morning, accusing House Democrats of “intentionally misleading” the American people about Trump’s actions.

We should probably start ignoring Meadows, since he's not running to keep his seat this year. Way too many other moles to whack. But when I see crap like this:

“It’s important for us to share the truth,” Meadows told reporters Thursday at the Capitol.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Here's an example of his "truth":

Aid was released after the Whistleblower complaint was filed, and WTF difference does it make if Ukrainian President Zelensky didn't realize he was being blackmailed? Back to the OP, and more logic-deprived nonsense:

“How many more witnesses do we need to hear from before a single Democrat is going to change their mind? I’m not of the opinion that you provide as many witnesses until finally a Democrat may look at this in a different light,” Meadows said. “We’ve heard from 17 witnesses. We’ve heard from enough to understand there truly is not a case here. That’s why they’re pleading for more witnesses.”

Of course you've got it backwards, because you're an idiot. The U.S. House of Representatives did their due diligence, not only heard from 17 witnesses but allowed Republicans to hurl their poop at them, and then Impeached Donald Trump. And of course we can't forget that the White House blocked some witnesses from testifying before the House, which (alone) should be grounds for Impeachment.



Watch for new evidence from Republicans

I'm not a lawyer (and don't play one on TV), but my understanding is: If Trump's team introduces new evidence that was not part of the House's inquiry, Chief Justice Roberts has basically two choices. Either block that new evidence, or allow Democrats to also present new evidence.

I know Republicans are itching to build a case against Hunter Biden, which they think will justify Trump's illegal actions. But theoretically that would open the door to recent documents supplied by Lev Parnas, not to mention getting John Bolton on the stand.

And with idiots like Mark Meadows taking an active role, this is distinctly possible.