Mark Johnson's staff engaged in illegal wiretapping of former employee


And there needs to be a formal investigation of this by NC DOJ:

Allegations surfaced during a recent Department of Information Technology hearing that when retiring K-3 Literacy Director Carolyn Guthrie turned in her DPI-issued MacBook laptop in 2017, she neglected to log the device out of her iCloud account. As with any such organization, the Department of Public Instruction has a policy that devices of departing employees must be wiped clean. DPI reportedly did not follow that protocol with Guthrie’s laptop, and her personal iPhone text messages continued to sync to the MacBook’s iMessage app for more than a year after her departure. According to deposition testimony referenced at the hearing, Guthrie noticed her phone pairing with another device but did not realize it was her old laptop until she learned that DPI was in possession of her personal communications.

If the allegations are true, that would mean someone at Johnson’s department actively monitored Guthrie’s personal iPhone text message communications using her old laptop. It would mean someone working under Johnson’s supervision made a decision to read through private communications between Ms. Guthrie and her family and friends until finding something that was useful.

Unwritten rule #14: If you stumble across information you weren't supposed to have access to, you cannot use it until you find another source for said information that isn't so radioactive. It ain't rocket surgery, but apparently Marky Mark and his Funky Bunch are not very clever...



It's not so much the lack of cleverness...

as the lack of any morality or ethics. They knew exactly what they were doing and chose to do it anyway. No doubt, Johnson will get someone to fall on their sword for him so that he doesn't personally have to own up to this while he's running for Lt. Gov., but if anyone thinks this little double-dealing, grifting, huckster didn't know what was being done, I have a fine piece of land south of Key West I'd like to offer you.

Can't wait for the primary to be over

It's so sad that so many good candidates are running for down-ticket offices ... but the focus on crushing Trump and Tillis has taken all their oxygen. I do hope Mark Johnson is the R nominee. He's doing such a miserable job with schools, we should promote him!
Like we did with Dan "Photo Op" Forest.