Live-blogging Jane's political salon

As some of you know know, my wife hosts a monthly political discussion at our house. Tonight the salon is featuring the Executive director of the NC Audubon Society, Chris Canfield. Some of the discussion will be about the OLF. Also will discuss the Bonner Bridge at Oregon Inlet and the Cape Hatteras National Seashore National.

I'll be updating regularly.


how revolutionary

Should I quote some "Tale of two cities" or will you be fine without it?

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"


It was the worst of times.

Ignorance and arrogance

Smoking gun:

1. Liddy Dole sold out northeast North Carolina in exchange for Cherry Point getting two squadrons of Super Hornets.

2. There was never any legitimate case for splitting the planes between Cherry Point and Oceana. None. Ever. It was a political deal, pure and simple. Liddy Dole did the deal. She sold out North Carolina.

3. Some bureaucrat in DC drew a line between Cherry Point and Virginia Beach and cut the distance in half. That is where Site C is.

4. It was a decision grounded in ignorance, and it is now being pursued through arrogance.

Ignorance + Arrogance. A good descriptor of both the US Navy and Elizabeth Dole.

Canfield says he's embarrassed

by the incompetence of the Navy in managing this. He used to be in the Air Force, working at the Pentagon.

are you serious

drew a freaking line????

this is how our country is run now? we decide to spend MILLIONS of dollars and piss off 95% of those that are paying attention in an entire state by drawing a line!?!?!?!

Draft Brad Miller -- NC Sen ActBlue :::Petition

"Keep the Faith"

That's it.

There's no other explanation. Just grab a map and you can draw it yourself. They are that frickin' stoopid.

Chris says cheers for Brian Roth

Mayor of Plymouth. Ex Navy flight instructor, vehemently against the OLF.

Chris also talks about Ron Merritt who was hired by the Navy to do the original bird strike analysis. Merritt says the Navy is misrepresenting the facts of the bird strike analysis and has turned against the Navy. Merritt was in NC last week talking to Congressional staffers. Still adamantly against it.

Meanwhile . . . the Navy has been continuing to buy up land.

Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement . . . just papering over the same old bullshit rationale for the case they made in the first place.

Wow....a line.

It makes so much more sense now. It didn't make any sense before this. Now I get it. They drew a line.

Blue South, I think we need to turn up the heat on Liddy.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Drawing lines

Just in case you think the line-drawing thing is bogus . . .

I didn't doubt it for a minute

It is the only thing that could possibly explain such a bone-headed idea.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


Did not know chris was going to be there Angilco..Is he still there?



For this OLF,

I applaud and am extremely happy with what the audobahn society is doing. Dang glad you guys are doing what you did to allow this to be slowed down enough to get public interest going on it.

Of the 5 sites, is there any site that Audobahn will accept?

Are you pushing the Navy to halt this project until the encroachment problems around Oceana and Fentress are corrected as discussed in SECNAVINST 11010.11 pg 4? subpara (ii)?

They haven't taken a position

on all the sites, they are only fighting the Pocosin and Mattamuskeet sites.

We spent a lot of time talking about encroachment, but I'm not able to get his attention for the question.

Hit him on the head

and plop him down on the puter chair! When he wakes up, have him answer! There that will get his attention.

Ok, I shall patiently wait.

Most effective immediate action

Strip the $10 million currently requested in the President's budget for military construction.

This is what we should focus on. This is the thing the Democratic House can do, but we need to lean on our Congressmen to get them to make this a priority.

It would be awesome to

strip this $10m from this site and put it to a critical environmental program somewhere in NC or the country that needs funding, but none is to be had. Now that would be poetic justice.

I personally

feel that the 6th site, the site of NO ACTION is to most appropriate site selection.

The Navy has never demonstrated a need for this and to put this anywhere where a habitat is harmed is wrong.

The Navy has been saying at the public hearings that comments should only be made about the environmental empacts as they apply to the SEIS, but it is my belief that a habitat, which the snow geese, tundra swans and ducks all live also includes the people, esp in this area where eco-tourism is critical to many of the sites. Is it safe to say that the people within the region are vital to the habitat of the region in question at any of the sites, and that these people who have coexisted and fostered a region that supports all these critters are critical to the delicate balance of the habitats of the region?

We have been coexisting for years and have proven that we enjoy our relationship with our environment.

Beautifully said, Parmea

I hope everyone takes the time to read what you just wrote.



That is a beautiful sentiment

Anyone who has ever seen "Winged Migration" has to be in awe of the migratory birds. They face such a dreadful fate when man pollutes, reroutes or challenges their delicate existence.