Lindy Brown Responds on Educating Wake County (Even the Hispanics)

A couple of days ago, I posted about Phil Jeffreys not wanting to spend money on education because he felt it all went to illegal Hispanics. I sent the post to his opponent in the Wake County Commissioner Race, Lindy Brown. Here is her response to me (via e-mail):

As your County Commissioner, I will advocate for adequate funding to build new and expand existing schools in Wake County. This year alone, Wake County School System had to provide education to seven thousand + new students. We are mandated by our federal and state governments to provide equal educational opportunities to all children.

She has my vote and my first endorsement of the campaign season. Vote Lindy Brown, for education of all Wake's students, over Phil Jeffreys, for using false racial statistics to deprive our schools of funding.


Great work, Targator.

And thank you for standing for integrity and the common good.