Lincoln County Democratic Women's Candidate Forum

Attended the Lincoln County Democratic Women's Candidate Forum in Lincolnton, last night along with my fellow candidates for the nomination: Rep. Keever and Mayor Bellamy.

The Democratic Women's Club did a fantastic job! I really enjoyed the format and the relaxed manner in which everything was carried out. It's always good to be in front of a friendly crowd, it allows you the opportunity to lay out your vision without being forced to defend every word like you do when the anti-progressive (regressive?)crowd shows up.

It was great to share the stage with Mayor Bellamy and Representative Keever. Also had a chance to do a little 'catchin' up' with Representative Keever's husband, Jim Aycock and with our District Chair, Cliff Moone, who **PLUG ALERT!!** is running for State House in District 96.

A big thank you to my fellow candidates on the panel. Y'all make me feel welcome and treat me like I've been in this game for years, instead of just for 7 months. I'm looking forward to our next joint event.

To all who are discovering me for the first time:

Have a good day!