Libertarians Say Repeal HB2

The Libertarian Party of North Carolina has joined the growing list of organizations calling for the repeal of House Bill 2.

"The state has no authority to determine gender," the unanimous resolution states. HB 2 also “unduly intrudes state authority into local decision-making and unreasonably limits the ability of the citizens ... to govern themselves.”

In addition, the bill reduces individual rights because it “bans citizens from using state courts to remedy discrimination”

Nic Haag, Libertarian candidate for NC Senate 44, introduced the resolution. It was endorsed by General Assembly candidates Brad Hessel, NC Senate 15, Brian Irving, NC House 36, and Rob Rose, NC 37.

The convention was held in Raleigh last weekend.

The convention also passed a resolution calling for the repeal of the ban on counting write-in votes. The state does not count the votes for persons who haven't gathered enough petition signatures.

This “amounts to the legislature picking and choosing which votes to count, sometimes yielding suspicious results like unanimous vote tallies in our statewide elections,” the resolutions says.

Six candidates for the Libertarian presidential nomination participated in a forum Saturday. They included former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson, the party's 2012 standard-bearer.

In other business, the convention elected at-large members to the state executive committee and adopted a revised platform. It also selected delegates to the Libertarian National Convention and nominated presidential electors.

Read the resolutions here.



Great news!

HB2 really is a prime example of big-government overreach. The voters in Charlotte already went through one municipal election with this particular issue in mind, and they chose candidates who would act on it. And if it turned out to be a bad idea, those same voters should be the ones to correct it, not rural conservatives hundreds of miles away.

Glad to see this

And thanks for spreading the word. Liberals and libertarians share common ground in many areas, even though we're far apart in others.

Rumors on McCrory

I'm hearing rumors through social media that Pat's spending a lot of time the past few days going around to his major donors, seeking advice on how to deal with all the negative fallout from HB2.

Anyone seen any confirmation on this or more details?

My first thought on this was, "Yeah, I could see that." My second was, "But how long would a couple of meetings with Art Pope and Duke Energy really take?"