A letter from Representative Carolyn Justice

Rep. Justice is a Republican and I like her. She is smart, incisive, responsive and tough. When peple email her they actually get an answer...a real answer...with no flowery words to conceal the truth.

I won't quote the whole letter but this part says it all:

Greetings from the North Carolina General Assembly

I am so glad to be writing my 2010 Newsletter since it signals the torture is over and this “Honorable Body” can do no more harm to the citizens of this state than we have already done for the year. The last day of Session lasted 20 hours and ended at 5:30 am just as the sun was coming up on Saturday, July 10th.

I love this quote in the Raleigh News and Observer summing up the last 20 hour session. “Most of that time was spent waiting as key lawmakers between both chambers negotiated the final details of ethics, elections, and incentives bills.”

Think about that quote:
“key lawmakers” code word for the big boys not the majority of legislators,
“negotiated” code word for met in a back room and worked out a deal, on
“ethics” strange code word for open government whose details were decided in a closed session.
“incentives” code word for we are going to give away your tax dollars but you don’t need to know who we are going to give it to.

That really sums up this entire year in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Her legislative vote record shows clearly Rep. Justice cares more about the citizens of North Carolina than any of the others I can think of.


Do you honestly think the "process"

would be any different if R's were running the show? The only difference is their backroom deals would be even more catastrophic for working people than the D's backroom deals.

No...I just pointed out she's a Republican because I

continue to believe there are good people in both parties...as well as bad.

It's nice to hear some honesty now and again. That's all.

BTW...I agree with your comment about working folks...and actually all of us.

Stan Bozarth

Giving credit where credit is due.

The process might be a little different if every politician spoke plainly and forthrightly, as this Republican seems to be doing here. I'm sure she has her agenda, as everyone does, but I wholeheartedly approve anything said against evasive or misleading language.


The Black Sheep


The Black Sheep