Let's Make History Again~ 2016 DNC~

NCDP State Convention Delegates,

Are you a Delegate to the NCDP State Convention on June 11? If so, I look forward to seeing you at Convention in Raleigh, and I am humbly asking for your support as a Delegate to this summer's 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia!

We often hear as a presidential election rolls around, "this election is the most important one of your lifetime". Friends, this one truly is, for if we do not unite and defeat Donald Drumpf, I truly fear for this country.

But don't think this election is just about Hillary or Bernie or Donald. It is also about all of our down ballot candidates. We must elect DEMOCRATS up and down the ballot! We must unite and work together to defeat the Republican "Tea Party". The Tea Party has effectively imploded the GOP, but now they must be stopped.

Elect me as your Delegate to the National Convention. I have worked tirelessly for the Democratic Party and every candidate on the Democratic ticket since I first became involved in 2004, and will continue to do so, to help elect the first female President of the United States, and to elect the first Democratic House member in my district since the 1980's and the first county commissioner in Carteret since 2006.

Let's Make History Again~ Thank you for your support!

Tina Rodriguez

ps...if you would like to contribute to offset the costs of traveling to Philly, you can do so HERE~

Many many thanks :)