Leaders vs. politicians: Debates

Many electrons are being manipulated expressing outrage, nausea, and incandescent rage about the disgraceful showing by ABC last night.

No argument here.

The "debate" was a complete corporophagic travesty that only the debased intelligence of a corporate executive of a Freeper could admire, i.e. what passes for "serious journalism" these days.

But again, I looked to Clinton and Obama and was hoping for a leader, not a politician.

Sadly, politicians were all that was on TV last night.

A leader, a real honest to Osiris LEADER, would have stopped the debate around 30 minutes in and asked the moderators:

"Do you actually intend to ask any questions of substance tonight, or must I go some where with more journalistic street cred, like "The Daily Show"?

That person, would have gotten a standing ovation, and would have shamed the media?

Instead, politicians to the end, they simply stood there and swallowed their dignity by taking the farce seriously.

When did our expectations fall so low?