Lawmakers' budget solution: more gambling!

The bright ideas just keep coming:

As state lawmakers are weighing their options for closing a budget deficit of nearly $800 million, some are exploring taxing the wave of gaming parlors that have opened statewide in recent months.

Sen. David Hoyle, D-Gaston, said Wednesday that the state should consider regulating and taxing the gaming parlors. "If it's a revenue source of any significant consequence, maybe it's something we have to look at," Hoyle said.

Man, crack cocaine is huge. We should look into taxing that, too.

"To play some of those games, you probably need to be drunk to do it, because you're not going to win," Hoyle said. just said...*sigh*. Nevermind.


Gambling to cut debt

It is not often that I agree with articles and comments in BlueNC, but I understand and join scharrison in that "sigh" of exasperation.

Modernizing the antiquated state tax structure, and getting very serious about cutting unnecessary, wasteful and fraudulent spending is the means to finding fiscal balance and sanity in state spending.

Tough decisions need to be made. It simply doesn't appear that this legislature and this governor are capable of rising to the occasion.

Mike Wilburt