'Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests'

Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests from the ACLU online:
November 2, 2011

General guidelines
Can my free speech be restricted because of what I say—even if it is controversial?

Questions and answers about right to free speech.


rape of america in 20 years

20 years 3 R presidents—18 years R Senate—12 years-R House- 6 years Total Control
took 600B budget to 3500B (less wjc itsy)--1000B Debt to 10,000B—surplus to 1400B Deficit--
99,0000 jobs per month compared to Carter + Clinton 222,000—initiated our involvement in 10 foreign conflicts—costing billions and loss of many thousands of loves—Smashed S&L Industry—Housing Industry-Banking Industry from Local to Wall Street Control—Great Recession—50,000 plants were closed 2000-2010-- unjust dumb invasions of two poor, unarmed nations to remove leadership and place ours in power creating animosity throughout the Muslim world.

Folks! We must get good Leadership and it cannot be neo-con Republicanism
We have the wealth + income to pay off our debt and create millions of new jobs.
It will take tax policies like 1945-1980 that paid off WWII Debt.
We can do it. Romney and Republican control of House/Senate will never do it. Republicans are owned by Wall Street wealth.

clarence swinney