Know your enemies

Today's installment of Know Your Enemies focuses on a creepy little extension of the Puppetshow called The John William Pope Civitas Institute, Inc. The cast of characters is a veritable Who's Who in North Carolina Wackoland, and the boss man is non other than Jack Hawke, Art Pope's poor twin and occasional water-carrier.

There's more . . .

JACK HAWKE has held a variety of positions serving the state of North Carolina. He served as Special Assistant to Governor Martin for Policy, Director of the State Division of Policy & Planning, Deputy Secretary of the N.C. Dept. of Transportation and Federal Chairman of the Coastal Plans Regional Commission. He also served as chairman of the N.C. Republican party and as a political and intergovernmental consultant. Jack received a A.B. degree from Drew University and a J.D. from Duke University

And the lead supporting actor in the Sideshow is Mr. Thomas Stith, who appears to have no credentials for his neocon shilling other than being black and conservative.

Of special interest to progressives in North Carolina should be the Civitas mission:

The Institute carries out its mission by conducting sound research and analysis of public policy issues; conducting monthly tracking polls; conducting institutes for newly elected officials, community leaders, undergraduate and graduate students, and candidates; and communicating with the public and elected officials through the news media, Civitas website, monthly newsletter and quarterly magazine.

Sound research? If only that were true. The fact is, the Civitas research agenda is the same as the John Locke Foundation agenda - sloppy surveys done to prove a point, the truth be damned. For example, click on the link on their home page to the "Research Center" and this objective information is what you'll find.

Their polling is a-whole-nother stinky mess. For starters, there's no methodology section to explain how they do their research. This is fundamental for objective research, as any responsible journalist or policy advocate would tell you. And it only gets worse from there. For example, try to answer this question: Do you agree or disagree with those people who believe the more for four and lower class sizes should continue to be paid for out of the state budget as approved and that any new funds raised from the education lottery should be used for school construction? I swear, I didn't do anything to make this sound as stupid as it is. But even without the typo, who can even understand what they're asking?

And finally, this:

Regardless of whether or not you approve of the President's performance, do you still trust him to do what is right for America?

Do you STILL trust him? Are you f*cking crazy?


PS They have a blog, so give it a whirl. I know it would make their day.


Anybody know who's funding

this stink tank?

Uh, no

They have a blog, so give it a whirl.

I'll pass, thanks. :)


That final quote about job performance and trust is a bit like saying, "regardless if bob has been convicted of murder, would you trust him with a gun?"

What in the hell kind of question is that? Hi, please ignore anything that would cause you not to trust this person, and then answer my question if you trust him. It's psychotic delusion.

Anglico, Sweetie...there was something

in the Charlotte paper about Art Pope and I meant to send it to you. Oh...yeah...I remember. It was about his 527 group that his family bidness donated $100,000 to...and won't that suck when the 527 laws change? It was just out of my realm of expertise, so meant to pass it along to you. I'll find it.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Guidestar is a good place to

Guidestar is a good place to view the IRS submissions of these right wing think tanks.

Thanks, Anon.


I just go straight to the IRS

but I've used Guidestar too. The IRS has really improved the easy access to records of political groups and this has been most edifying. :)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

You're always

about ten steps ahead of me!