I sometimes think that Ed Cone has had a bit too much of the Blog Evangelism Kool-Aid, but I think he's absolutely right about Larry Kissell needing his own blog. Fresh content can bring people back to sites that they might not have returned to otherwise; sites with big shiny "Donate" buttons on every page. It's also a great way to get a message across and to engage with people. And as for time, I don't see why every single post would need to be by Larry.


After 30 minutes

of reflection, I'd say some sort of blogging forum for Kissell would be a good idea. The key would be getting it managed in a way that didn't take him off his fundraising and hand-shaking game. And also making sure it doesn't blow up on him.

That said, it's going to be a big time commitment for somebody.

They wouldn't have to post as often as we do here

I would think that a post every day or so would do the trick. Only nutcases like us would ever read more than that, anyway. :)


"I don't see why every single post would need to be by Larry."

Right. Frequent updates will drive traffic, but they don't have to be done by the candidate.

The staff can post the daily sked and pics of the candidate shaking hands at Rotary -- getting everyone's name right in the captions, of course -- and throw in some links to issue-related articles on the web and maybe other friends-of-the-campaign blogs...

The candidate can chime in from time to time -- on an issue, on the news, on a whim...

this is exactly

what was recommended to Brad Miller in Greensboro. I hope a lot of our politicians start doing this.


Brad has done a great job on this front. Partly because he got out early and got a few breaks on Daily Kos, but also because he's listened to advice from all us amateurs!

In the long run, effectively managing a campaign's presence on the web (not just having a website) will be as critical to success as having yard signs and kissing babies. In fact, that may already be the case. I think the Dems are ahead of the Dark Side for now, but we can't assume we'll sustain that leadership. Especially if bidness starts getting its greedy hands on the Internets, which they're trying like hell to do.

And he has PJ as a campaign

And he has PJ as a campaign manager :)

That most of all.