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NOTE: Answers are paraphrased, not verbatim.

8:56: Wrapping up.

8:53: I would not cut funding for combat troops in Iraq – once they are there they need funding. Going to war should have never been done the way it was - we've underplanned it, underfunded it, and underexecuted it.

8:47: Question: What are your priorities on the international front? Hagan: Nuclear weapons, North Korea, Iran. We’ve sort of forgotten about using our allies. We need to rebuild our standing in the world – but we also can’t be the 911 service for the world.

8:43: Question: Coal-fired power plants Hagan: We need to look at our energy portfolio. In North Carolina, we’re a growing state. You don’t want to wake up one morning and not have power. NC has some of the dirtiest coal-fire plants in the nation, we’re working to clean those up and we working towards doing that. You have the brains in this room to figure out how to make this work. We need to have a good environment so that you all want to live here, but we also need power.

8:41: Question: What policies do you think Dole will attack you on in the general, and how will you prepare for that? Hagan: I’m going to be looking at her record too!

8:40: Question: What do you feel about NCLB? Hagan: Problem is we haven't funded it. Also need to avoid teaching to the test.

8:39: Question: People seem to say that Jim Neal has a lot of progressive support. How are you going to balance running against that progressive support and a conservative Republican at the same time? Hagan: I read an article that said that, I think it interviewed about two people. I’m working to earn the support of all sorts of North Carolinians, and I am confidant I will be able to do that.

8:37: Questoin: Would you agree not to take lobbyist money? Hagan: I don't think that would be practical. I'm taking PAC money right now - will not be able to afford much airtime if I don't. I support public financing. We've improved recently, the My vote cannot be bought.

8:34: Question: How do you plan on beating Dole in November? Hagan: I have a good record. May not be able to match Dole in fundraising, but we have energy.

8:27: Question: What is your stance on immigration? Hagan: We need to secure our borders. We need have a work visa program. There is no way we are going to deport 12 million people, though - and remember that these are hard-working people. Don't approve of unfunded federal mandate to divert local police resources to pursue immigration cases - that's the federal government's job. Would want to look at the bills more closely before declaring support for any speciifc pre-existing bill.

8:26: Question: Do you support gay marriage? Hagan: I do not support legislation ammending the constituion to ban gay marriage. I do think people should not face discimination in the workplace, and I also support hate crimes legislation.

8:22: Talking about college education. Says Learn and Earn program passed recently in state legislature, allowing students to spend two years at community college and then transfer to public universities tuition-free (given certain conditions), is new but will be a very important program going forward. Wants to increase Pell Grants and introduce a refundable college tax credit.

8:11: Carrie Hagan, Kay Hagan's daughter (and student at UNC-Chapel Hill), introduces her mom. Talks about being asked about policy positions on the drive home, not knowing how her mom manages to do all that she does.

8:07: Playing the video clip from KayHagan.com; talking about the importance of registering to vote now to be eligible for the primary.

7:57PM: We're about to begin the discussion here at Chapel Hill with U.S. Senate Candidate Kay Hagan. Stay tuned....


Thanks, UNCYoungDem

That was an interesting read.

So she's against a Constitutional amendment against gay marriage, but she's not for equal rights?

She's for the legal pariah status they've got now?

Way to stand strong, Kay...

Scrutiny Hooligans - http://www.scrutinyhooligans.us

Kay is good on equal rights

Senator Hagan has been on the side of equal rights during her public service. In the most recent legislative session she has cosponsored bills focusing on equal rights in her chamber (S 1534 and S 1182). Kay Hagan has a record of standing strong for equal rights in NC. While I can find fault with other parts of her record, this is one area in which she truly deserves credit.


s1534 and s1182

S1534 was a bill that inserts "sexual orientation" into every clause about discrimination. That, to my knowledge, is a good bill.

S1182 was based at changing sex ed in our classrooms. It includes a variety of changes, including taking into account a person's sexual orientation. That, to my knowledge, is a good bill.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Maybe that's why she won't appear

on stage with Neal?

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Like it or not

That is the way most of the county and certianly most of the state feels about the issue. As long as the Defense of Marriage Act is the law, and I do not see that changing anytime soon, then an US Amendment is not neccessary, so it should not suprise you that one of the major candidates feels the way the majority of the state feels.

This is incredibly telling.

8:37: Questoin: Would you agree not to take lobbyist money? Hagan: I don't think that would be practical. I'm taking PAC money right now - will not be able to afford much airtime if I don't. I support public financing. We've improved recently, the My vote cannot be bought.

Really. Wouldn't be practical? How about freakin' ethical?

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.


I just got back from the event, and suffice to say, I was very disappointed with many of her answers. I wanted to clarify a few points she made. In particular, the one about gay marriage.

The questioner asked directly, "Do you support gay marriage, by that name, yes or no?"

Hagan replied: "I'll answer this how I feel comfortable."

Yes or no question - it's that simple.

She's not standing on principle, she's trying to have it both ways. Enough politicians.

PS: Have you seen what her campaign manager said earlier today - not exactly the image of transparency and openness in government...

If you don't, you don't

People will have more respect for you if you are up front - even if they don't respect your position, they might still have some respect/trust for you. I think John Edwards was pretty good with this - (not his position, but direct answer to question).

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

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I agree Betsy.

I have more respect for someone who comes out (so to speak!) and says,"No, I'm not ready for that" instead of trying to dance around the issue and be coy about it. That said, she did state that she was against amending the constitution to ban gay marriage, and she was against discrimination, and was for anti-hate crimes legislation. While it wasn't a yes or no answer, it was better than I would have expected, to be honest.

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No, I didn't see it.

Please don't post innuendo - just post a link and a quote so we don't have to wonder what you're talking about.

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I put this on the front page

I guess I'm trying to extend an olive branch...so to speak. I don't know too many folks who frequent BlueNC who are supporting Kay Hagan, so she probably feels a little left out.

Also, I appreciate that someone from UNC-Ch Young Dems took the time and trouble to live-blog this session and hope they'll keep up the good work.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

kay's problem with NCLB

I was disappointed to read that she felt the problem with No Child Left Behind was that it did not have full funding. It is a dreadful program that has enriched Bush supporting corporations, demoralized teachers and punished schools. If she wants to fully fund it, she can't be saying that we shouldn't "teach to the test" because funding it will only bring more of the same.

There is a lot of information out there about the reasons why NCLB is bad, and other solutions for accountability. Nebraska does not test at all - they use portfolios of students' work, gathered all year, and have educator experts come in during the summer to evaluate. Punishing schools is a terrible idea.

How she plans to continue funding the war AND fund these other programs is beyond me. Our grandchildren are going to be bankrupted by this spending. As Kay has experience in banking, I wonder how often she was rewarded for funding really bad loans?


The "NCLB sucks" theme is popular among Democrats, but I wish we got into a more nuanced discussion of what was wrong with it.

First off, it's important to point out that the underlying framework behind NCLB is very similar to Jim Hunt's ABCs of Learning, which gained national attention and which Al Gore ran on in 2000. Before NCLB, we still had standardized tests, but they were used in a really dumb way. I still remember the middle school principal rushing up to me and saying, "Michael! We need you!" I'd missed the test day, and they needed my high test scores to pull up the average for the school I went to, because a simple arithmetic mean was the only thing that mattered. So, the schools pampered the "smart kids," and forgot about the "dumb kids." By focusing on percent performing at grade level, NCLB and ABCL fundamentally shifted the landscape on making sure that underperforming students got attention too. And that, fundamentally, is a good thing.

On the other hand, there are serious problems with the law. I'd boil them down to these:

- Flawed accountability measures, but these are implemented on a state-by-state basis anyway.

- Penalties for underperforming schools far too severe.

- Lack of funding to support improvements.

I'd say Hagan identified the most important flaw in the law. I'm with you as far as saying that NLCB has a lot of problems, but I'd pretty staunchly oppose repealing it.

I had forgotten that!

Sheesh. You had to remind me. Whaddamess.

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Hagan's web site

has zero discussion of issues or where she really stands on anything. Her video clip is nothing but vapor and disingenuous to boot. I love my wife better than anything in my life, but I can't honestly say I wake up every morning thinking about what I can do for her...and you can bet Hagan doesn't, as she says, "wake up every morning thinking about what she can do for the citizens of NC." I'd be impressed if she could point to anything the NC legislature has done for NC and her role in those (few) things.

Ms. Hagan may be a lovely person...I haven't met her. Based on what I see, she isn't who I want representing NC in the Senate.

Stan Bozarth

Don't get me wrong - I'm a Neal Supporter

But if Hagan had entered the race and there weren't a Jim Neal in our world, I'd be a Hagan supporter. She's done a lot of good in the NC Senate. She's been a stalwart supporter of Smart Start and other children's programs. Her response on NCLB makes me wonder if she really understands the program. She always votes to fully fund Smart Start because it's the a children's program. I don't know. I just don't know. When I talked to her at the SEC Meeting she seemed smart and quick and bright. I think that over all, she has a great record in the NC Senate with a few votes I disagree with. You're never going to agree 100% with any one in an elected office.

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but she will be looking at dole's record!

Okay, I know I am a partisan here, because(as I have disclosed) I volunteer a couple of days a week for Jim Neal. Really, though, is she just getting around to looking at Dole's record? Anyone who reads a little bit on politics can discuss the rubberstamp that Dole has been to Bush. Is Hagan too polite to note that she is trying to defeat a Senator hogtied to very unpopular policies?

I hate to go negative, but it is hard for me to believe that she is as airheaded as she sounds from the live blog. She has to do more than smile pretty to win votes. I am just a simple stay-at-home mom with one college degree, but I thought if someone went to law school, she would learn to make a stronger argument for her side.

How did the students respond to her comments? I appreciate the live blog but also like to read a bit about how she was received by the students. Do these non-answers resonate with anyone?

You're weird.


Probably cut and pasted from another blog?

You mean top to bottom?

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Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

It was weird to read.

I don't type bottom to top - I wonder how they did that?

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When they went in to edit each time they simply

wrote on top of what they'd written before.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Kay, if you're reading this,

I would not cut funding for combat troops in Iraq – once they are there they need funding.

please take a few notes:

The Bush administration knew that "once they were there", an unlimited supply of taxpayers' money could be easily coerced out of Congress. That's why they're still there, and that's why they're still dying, at a rate of a couple of Americans a day.

The next time you see a group of young people in the mall or college campus or coffee shop, randomly pick two of them and imagine them dead or crippled. Do that every day for a month and then tell me why continuing this war is important enough to write them off.

You don't want to cut funding for the troops, and I understand that. But it's a naive and uninformed position that is based more on fear than reality, and represents everything that's wrong with the current Democratic Congress.

In 2008, Defense spending is going to hover around 3/4 of a trillion dollars. More than has ever been spent before, and close to three times as much as we were spending when our current President came into office. The weakened status of our military is not due to being underfunded, it's because they've been misused, going on five years now.

If you don't have a fervent desire to end the war in Iraq and bring our folks home, you're out of touch with (at least) 67% of all Americans and the vast majority of your own (Democratic) Party.

Well said.

Kay made comments to Mark Binker about the need for voters to understand the nuance and complex calculus behind her decision to support tax cuts for the rich.

But where's the nuance in this position? Instead of thinking through the absurdity of pouring more money down the Iraq rat hole, she relies on George Bush talking points to defend a patently indefensible position.

I still don't get why she's running.

I hate to say this,

and I'm probably going to get smacked around for doing so, but I'm not sure that replacing Dole with Hagan would represent any kind of substantial change.

I have a question for folks here: If you didn't already know that Hagan was a Democrat, and you were trying to figure out her party just by looking at her stances and opinions, how many would guess R instead of D?

It would be a close call

Kay is infinitely preferable to Liddy, but that's mainly because of the (D) that comes after her name. And despite what her campaign manager says or doesn't say, she's not interested in or worried about progressive voters.

Until we build a stronger and more vocal base, insider Democrats in North Carolina can comfortably ignore us, while continuing to tilt in the direction of business interests, which is where the money lies.

Yes, but you were only 6 at the time

We won't hold that against you.


Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

From what I've seen Jerimee,

Elizabeth Dole votes with Bush 9 out 10 times.

Kay would have voted with Bush 7 out of 10 times. You might consider that a substantial difference, but I don't.

I've read the NCDP platform, and I've read (many of) Kay's positions, and seldom the twain do meet.

If my pointing these things out is irresponsible, then that's what I am. But I'm not going to ignore the elephant in the living room anymore.

people surprise you

If you would have told me that Heath Schuler would have voted to withdraw funding from the School of the Americas and Brad Miller did not, I would not have believed you but they did.

Sometimes politicians surprise you.

"jump in where you can and hang on"
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Oh god - you're going to make me defend her.

No, I don't think she'd vote with Bush 7 out of 10 times. She is a Democrat, and tends to vote with her party. She has been a strong supporter of the Democrats in NC, and that's why they pushed her into this race. She is a Party girl, as in Democratic Party. I don't think you'd have to worry about her voting with Bush - as a matter of fact, I know you won't have to worry about her voting with Bush because that idiot will be out of office if Hagan actually makes it to DC.

But that isn't what's going to happen. You see, she's a reluctant candidate. She opted out, before she was pushed back in. She was promised all kind of support, but I haven't seen it. I haven't seen the ground game. I've seen the ground game Neal has. I haven't heard any spark of enthusiasm in her voice when she speaks about running for US Senate; it's as if she knows she's a sacrifical lamb. She thinks she's being sacrificed on the altar of Liddy Dole's arrogance, but she won't make it that far. She is being sacrificed to the Powers That Were, the grand old men of the Democratic Party who were scared of the word "gay". Guess what, folks? As long as we can get Jim Neal in front of people, they won't be thinking about who he loves or how he loves, they'll be thinking how glad they are that he has chosen to represent NC.


Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

9 - 7 = 2

Never mind that I disagree with the premise, for the sake of the argument:

If I told you that for you could undo 2 Bush policies by volunteering 40 hours of your time, you would jump at the chance.

I'm all pushing for progressive reform as aggressively as possible, and disunity is the singular obstacle in our path.

- - - - -
The GOP will try to suppress the vote in 2008.


Excellent point, my friend. Excellent.

Be the change you wish to see in the world. --Gandhi

Foiled by the "new math" once again.


Okay, I may have been a little harsh in my assessment, and this:

disunity is the singular obstacle in our path.

is undoubtedly true.

But disunity comes in many forms, and I stand by what I said about the NCDP Platform. It's good, it's solid, it's progressive, and it makes sense considering the current and future needs of this state. As I said before, if a candidate deviates (substantially) from this platform, we deserve an explanation why, not a breezy dismissal.

Dole sent out a list of her "accomplishments"

* delivered a statewide plan for North Carolina sheriffs and federal immigration officials to coordinate to identify and process illegal aliens who have committed crimes;

* led the successful effort during the base realignment and closure round to protect North Carolina military bases, with no major closures and Fort Bragg gaining more than 8,900 jobs;

* supported military personnel and their families through initiatives such as an anti-predatory lending law and Family and Medical Leave Act coverage for military families;

* fought for significant concessions in trade agreements to support North Carolina textile and other jobs.

This comes from her campaign manager, J. Sam Daniels. Apparently they are very excited about poll results they've just received from The Tarrance Group, (their clients, surprisingly, are mainly Republicans.)

These are their key findings:
* Senator Dole maintains very strong image ratings among North Carolina voters. Fully sixty-five percent (65%) of voters indicate that they have a favorable impression of Senator Dole, and only twenty-six percent (26%) have an unfavorable impression of her. (Do you really think only 26% of NCer's are aware of her real representation? or does TTG only poll republicans?)

* Dole's image ratings are strong across the entire geography of the state, and stands with a favorable rating of sixty percent (60%) or better among voters in every region and media market in the state.

* It is also important to note that Senator Dole has the strongest image ratings of any political figure - national or state (including Senators McCain, Obama, and Clinton) - among Independent voters in the state. Fully sixty-five percent (65%) of Independents have a favorable impression of Senator Dole, and only 30% have an unfavorable impression.

* Unlike most incumbent office-holders, there is no difference between Senator Dole's favorable ratings and her job approval ratings. Fully sixty-four percent (64%) of North Carolina voters indicate that they approve of the job that Senator Dole is doing, and only 24% indicate that they disapprove.

* Aside from very strong overall job approval ratings, Senator Dole also receives very high marks from North Carolina voters for the job that she is doing of maintaining high ethical standards, being effective and getting things done, putting the interests of North Carolina ahead of partisan politics, and protecting Social Security and Medicare.(they say this with a straight face!)

* North Carolina voters specifically cite a number of Senator Dole's key accomplishments, such as her work with local Sheriffs to design and create a program to identify and remove illegal immigrants who have committed crimes, her efforts to help with the expansion of Fort Bragg, and her introduction of legislation to help reduce our nation's emissions and reasons why they believe she deserves re-election. Over eighty percent (80%) of North Carolina voters indicate they would be more likely to vote for her because of these actions, including over 70% of Democrats and Independents throughout the state. (Love that wording, don't you...over eighty percent of North Carolina voters indicate they would be more likely to vote for her....)

So really, Hagan doesn't have a lot to "look" at, she's running against a delusional woman.

No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

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