The Kanoy Experiment

Kent Kanoy challenged incumbent David Price in what could only be called a protest race and lost by a huge margin. Kanoy essentially admitted in our interview with him that the only issues he had a beef with Price on were involved him not being against the Iraq war enough and not pushing to impeach Bush. So what to make of the fact that Price received over 90% even with having two opponents in this primary.

1) It is a given that incumbents are extremely difficult to beat, especially in a primary.
2) Some people were angry that Kanoy did not take on a broader progressive agenda. This certainly cost the votes of progressives that were not energized on Iraq or impeachment.
3) People do not like candidates that only run as a protest. This goes along with number 2, but also, the few citizens that actually vote in a primary probably feel like the representatives they vote for really want the job.

Any other lessons?


Kent took no campaign contributions

which lead many to assume this was something less than serious. I know Kent was very serious, but there were those that would have volunteered their time and money had he been more "traditional".

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Robert, your use of the word traditional is kind

It may well be that getting help from friends and supporters in trying to accomplish a big goal is traditional in politics, but it's also pretty standard human behavior.

Money matters.

For better or worse, it's the game of politics these days. Witness the Puppetmaster.

"Gentlemen, BEHOLD!"

Witness the puppetmaster indeed.

Any ATHF fans out there?


I've been looking for the "official" photo of the Puppetmaster, and it looks like you've finally found it. Now if he was just holding Morgan's bloody head in one of those evil hands, we'd have us a good time!

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Sounds like it's photoshop time

Get to it, A!

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I voted for him but

I wasn't pissed that he didn't have a broader campaign. You could see from his web site that he had positions on a wide range of congressional issues. I thought Price looked pretty chicken to not debate him. Was he really afraid that he would loose to Kanoy? No, he refused to give a challenger a bump. Incumbents should be required to debate any serious challengers.

But the problem is Kent was IN NO WAY a serious challenger. He made his own campaign a joke by refusing to raise or spend money. I hate the influence of money on politics as much as anyone, but $10 - 20k from 500-1000 people is not a corrupting force, it's a community groundswell.

Kanoy cut himself off from community support, and made a mockery of the electoral process. But I'm still impressed that he got nearly 10% in Orange County. I didn't even know he lived in Carrboro until last night.

i have made a similar post

i have made a similar post on orange politics but let me offer a different take on my campaign. i received 6% of the total vote despite the following facts :

1) i did not decide to run until 2/24/06 at which time it became clear that no "legitimate" candidate had the "proverbial" stones.

2) as ruby said, i am a political nobody who statred with a name recognition of 0%

3)no progressive group/ media outlet endorsed me (although bluenc was nice enough to give me some exposure). a chance lost to become kingmakers...whodda thunk it ?

4)if one had attended the durham lowv forum, he or she would have learned that i stood for impeachment,ending the war in iraq now,repeal of the patriot act,national health care,gay marriage and gay adoption,choice,national ban on the death penalty, increase in the minimum wage, and economic policy targeted at lower socio-economic groups. too, it would have been nice if one member of the media had bothered to cover the forum because it was the only event that price agreed to attend with me. and to toot my own horn further, those in attendance conveyed that i was far superior on the facts and the issues.

5) my campaign time was limited because i had to continue to work a full-time job.

so with all due respect, i believe that calling my campaign a mockery is grossly unfair to those who had the courage to support,work,and vote for me. it was grassroots in its truest sense. if the "traditional/orthodox" progressive organizations had utilized my campaign as a vehicle to express a desire for a more progressive rep.,then i am sure that we would have garnered substantially more than the 6% we received. hence,an opportunity lost to send a message.

still in all, with a no-name candidate, with no organization,and less than 10 weeks to run on a part-time basis, not to mention spending only $1600(excluding the filing fee), i think 6% is not only NOT a mockery, but it's an indication that perhaps a "legitimate" progressive can win in the 4th district.

i certainly hope someone will step forward in 2008.



BlueNC decided not to officially endorse anyone due in part to the fact that all of our debates on the subject are aired in plain sight to begin with. We talked about the races and our general consensus was obvious and most of the night prevailed (Kissell, Shuler, Hudson, Harrell...).

And also because

Our authoritative voice is sooooo strong that it would be the single decisive factor in any race, thereby subverting—nay, obliterating!—the democratic process. Our silence is the ultimate expression of selfless responsibility.

can't..stop..laughing..crying..tears..too much...

I think this is the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I'm going to quote you on this.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

And also because

there is literally no BlueNC "position" on anything. That's the beauty of the forum Lance and Targator have created - a marketplace of ideas and a venue for honest discussion and community building.

"and I"

"Lance and Targator and I..."

Looking over the returns

Kanoy did much better in Orange than in Durham or Wake. If he would have gotten the same numbers in all three, I think it would have been an effective protest election. But it again comes down to money. How much to spend and raise to make a point with a Congressman that all and all is pretty good?

Kanoy swung, Price ducked

Kent did mention it, but Price, who's been real frontline on his support for Iraqii democracy, ducked two chances to debate.

Kent did undermine his efforts, as many folk pointed out in the last 10 weeks, by not accepting contributions. That said, I appreciate why he did so...

While he got %6 of the overall vote, he got %7.2 of Price's. Further, he got %11.1 of Price's in the OC. A better showing in Wake might've boosted him to %10 overall.

As I worked the polls yesterday, I had a number of steadfast Democrats maintain that Price had "turned the corner", the "we have a new Price", "Price understands", "we'll see a new Price, especially when we take the Congress".

I'm not that optimistic. But I'm now counting on you, the steadfast partisans of the Democratic party, to make sure Price does "turn the corner" - that whatever he promised - privately or publicy ly - he'll actually do.

And if he doesn't, maybe he'll look back in 2008 on the example of Kanoy (a "nobody", with "no money", who he had to duck debating, who got %10 in maybe the bluest county in NC) and wonder why a new candidate - an organized, fund-raising candidate (possibly with name recognition) - is taking his seat.

Sometimes ducking is the right thing to do

I've told Kent myself that I admire his gutsy run and agree 1000% with him on the war. What I don't agree with is the characterization that David Price "had" to duck. He chose to duck and it was smart politics. Maybe his style isn't the one you or I would prefer . . . I personally like the firebrand model . . . but Price's steady approach works as well as any, and is apparently reassuring to the majority of Democrats in his district.

Smarting from politics

Smart politics?

For years the excuse Dems profer is "we have to keep our powder dry" - supposedly waiting for the proper time to bring out "the guns" and blast away the ill-conceived, un-Constitutional proposals of the current government. Folk have confused this type of "smart politics" with spinelessness.

"Smart politics" - as taught by the political consultant industrial complex, led Gore and Kerry to "play it safe", "don't rock the [Swift?] boat". "Smart" strategies that led to their losses.

I guess I'm just smarting from smart politics. But that's beside the point.

I'm criticizing Price not practicing the democratic ideals he espouses (like for Iraq).

Democracy equals engagement. Engagement equals debate.

Price ducked debate.

As rubyji put it, a chickensh*t thing to do... To me, a continuing indication that Price doesn't get it, doesn't want to get it and will continue to disappoint.

I think I'll duck this debate.


See? Sometimes it's the right thing to do. There's not much to be gained and little likelihood of bridging hardened battle lines. I'm guessing that's how Price saw the Kanoy challenge.

I respect your opinions enormously, but we don't agree on this specific issue. Let's go fight some other battles, deal?

I hereby promise to keep up the pressure.

If you promise to do the same for our local legislators!!! Actually, even if you don't I'll keep up the pressure.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

I'm in.

Pressure R Us.

Make that "Kent DIDN'T mention it...."


One last thing. Maybe this is Price's last run - what do folk think?