Joe Boylan to Art Pope: YES MASTER

You gotta love Joe Boylan, the Pinehurst hair dresser-turned-Puppet. He thinks he's the Little Engine That Could, pretending he can't see the Art Pope Express pushing him across the finish line against Richard Morgan. The Pilot replays Boylan's delusions for all to see:

Boylan, who campaigned door-to-door all over Moore County and lost nearly 20 pounds in the process, received a lot of outside help, including support from the North Carolina Republican Party, which basically declared war on Morgan.


Boylan, a social and fiscal conservative, owns several Great Clips hair salons in North Carolina. He says he is for property rights, is against forced annexation, is pro-life, suppports an amendment to ban gay marriage and wants to work on the problem of illegal immigration.

Just the kind of raw material Puppetmaster Pope likes to work with. And with the huge margin of victory (snark), you can expect Puppet Joe to be claiming a mandate from god.(The unofficial results showed that Boylan garnered 52 percent of the vote (4,188), not including provisional ballots. Morgan picked up 48 percent of the vote (3,855).)

“We owe a debt of gratitude to the voters of Moore County Art Pope for siding with us to make sure Moore County has a Republican representative who will vote with the Republican caucus,” he said from state GOP headquarters in Raleigh Tuesday night. “We took the unprecedented step of being involved in a primary reluctantly. It is not our practice to be involved in a primary. We felt we had to take this drastic step. The voters of Moore County needed to be clearly informed about what Richard Morgan was doing.

Reluctantly my ass. The Puppetmaster has been eagerly sharpening his knives for this for a long time, and in case there's any doubt, the Puppetmaster owns the NCGOP too. Which is why they're already protesting "too much" about the fact that they're "not beholden" to the Puppetmaster for anything.

‘Not Beholden’

Morgan survived a similar attempt at his seat two years ago when he narrowly defeated another newcomer, Peggy Crutchfield. Morgan claimed that Crutchfield was simply a puppet of several Wake County politicians.

Boylan figured he “would be painted with the same brush,” as he said, so he decided he might as well go for the endorsement of the state party. He said he never thought he would get the amount of help that he did. The party contributed money to his campaign, and party leaders even came to Moore County to rally on his behalf. Some have argued that Boylan will owe them once he gets to Raleigh. Boylan said that will not be the case.

“I’m not beholden to anybody except the people of Moore County,” Boylan said. “In beating Richard Morgan, I satisfied that requirement. I don’t owe them anything except for thanks.”

Dear Joe Boylan: Art Pope fed you that scripted line as part of the sleazy circus you've joined, but do you actually think anyone takes you seriously? Cross the Puppetmaster one time, just once, and you'll find out how pathetic your victory is. You didn't beat Richard Morgan. Art Pope did. Because you're nothing but a two-bit player in his wacko Puppetshow.