Jesse Dole

There's something about the ends of years that pushes journalists to write reflective commentary, and the end of 2007 should bring many interesting observations - like this dead-on editorial from the Charlotte Observer.

We've said in several editorials that we disagree with Sen. Elizabeth Dole on immigration legislation, and she has responded with straightforward defenses of her position. That's for public consumption, however. In appeals to potential donors to her re-election campaign, she strikes a different, and at times hilarious, note.

An example is her recent fund-raising letter calling an Observer editorial "a veiled political attack to try to soften me up with voters." She described the editorial's topic -- an immigration bill defeated in the Senate -- as "Ted Kennedy's amnesty bill."

Ted Kennedy's bill? Would that be the bill that President Bush urged senators to pass? The one supported by Sen. John McCain, who's seeking the GOP presidential nomination? The one backed by Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, who at the time chaired the Republican National Committee?


When Ms. Dole began seeking the Senate seat in 2002, she told retiring Sen. Helms, "Jesse, as I travel around North Carolina, people tell me they want me to be just like you." Her skill as a mimic is evident in two political tools she uses here:

1. It never hurts to say the press is out to get you.

2. Whatever the issue, for fund-raising purposes tying it to Ted Kennedy is money in the bank.

In my view, Liddy Dole is a brilliant metaphor for much that is wrong with politics today. She's a liar and a scam artist who has only two missions in life: getting re-elected and getting rich.