It's Obama's Fault?Really Hillary? Really?

HRC blames Obama for her insinuation about assassination.
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Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama

It is comical enough to make me wish SNL had not ended the season last week, so that Amy Poehler and Seth Meyer could have had an episode on Hillary called REALLY?
And, Hillary is calling for another debate?

to debate what?
when you will exit?
why you are staying in?

Clinton Camp Stokes RFK Flap by Blaming Obama

By Zachary A. Goldfarb
Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign accused Sen. Barack Obama's campaign of fanning a controversy over her describing the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy late in the 1968 Democratic primary as one reason she is continuing to run for the presidency.

"The Obama campaign ... tried to take these words out of context," Clinton campaign chairman Terence R. McAuliffe said on "Fox News Sunday." "She was making a point merely about the time line."

The issue is particularly sensitive given longstanding concerns about Obama's safety as a presidential candidate. (He first received Secret Service protection last May.) The Obama campaign called Clinton's words unfortunate and circulated a TV commentary criticizing them, although Obama himself said Saturday that he took Clinton at her word that she meant no harm.

first,Hillary issues an article called "i am offended at your offense" Op-Ed today and now this.

To save the Democratic party, she must drop out now.


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