"It's not my job."

I didn't hear Senator Richard Burr say these exact words in the collapse of climate change legislation this week, but he might as well have. Standing squarely with the other political cowards and greeders in Party of No, as well as a few Democratic enablers, Burr has set fire to the stage on which our children and their children will attempt to live, voting again to protect corporate interests that are destroying the world that sustains all life.

I've never been more disgusted with a human being than I am with Richard Burr right now, although Dallas Woodhouse comes in a close second.


Maybe Dallas will swing by

and reiterate his laughable claim that this:

AFP does not endorse candidates.

magically transforms this endorsement:

Americans for Prosperity Applauds U.S. Senator Richard Burr

into a non-endorsement.

People tell me he's just one guy

I understand that. The whole Senate is made up of lots of people who are "just one guy" ... and they're not getting it done.

I'll give Kay the benefit of a few years on the learning curve, but after 16 years, Richard Burr has been there long enough to own the problems.

Like that would ever happen.

The House seems all but irrelevant.