"It's Like Having a 9/11 Every Day For Thirty-Five Years"

You may have noticed the "Contraception Is Not The Answer?" ad running here. If not, let me direct your attention to the right side of your screen. I don't usually plug advertisers, but then advertisers aren't always doing such good work. A group at RHRealityCheck.org (the RH stands for "reproductive health") sent a sane person undercover to a fundie anti-contraception conference. RH Reality Check has been posting rebuttals to the conference nonsense in a special series on their blog. The quote in the title comes from something one of the speakers had to say, quoted in this post. (The pills are little airplanes and your uterus is one or both of the twin towers, get it? I guess that makes your friendly Target pharmacist something of a Mohammed Atta!)

Anyway, props to RHRC for keeping an eye on the kooky right.



how does this change their cost per view?

just kidding. this stuff is some freakanomics stuff (i STILL need to read that book)


"Keep the Faith"

I know these people are insane

but it still makes me drop my jaw when I read and hear the things they actually say.

In my view, their insanity is criminal . . . if not in the category of pedophilia, certainly it is perversion. They want raped girls to bear the children of their rapists. That is flat out sick. But perfectly predicable given that most of them stand with the Party of Torture.

We don't talk much about choice here, but I wish we would. I've asked the communications people at Planned Parenthood to keep us informed about important issues, but they're either too busy or nothing's important . . .

If there's an issue on which I'm close to a single-issue candidate, it is the matter of a woman's right to choose.

Aw, Man!

I thought you were going to tell me what it's like living in Iraq these days ...

"It's Like Having a 9/11 Every Day For Thirty-Five Years"

Oh ... wait. It just seems like we've been there for 35 years... how many more?