I.O.U.S.A. - Hosted by Lawson for Congress

From the producers of Wordplay and the studio that brought you Supersize Me, the must-see documentary I.O.U.S.A. uncovers the source of critical economic concerns that touch the lives of every American. A tapestry of archival footage, hard data and candid interviews woven together, it paints an authentic profile of today's economic condition. Solutions for how we can impact this nationwide crisis and evolve into a more fiscally sound nation for future generations are offered by the documentary's powerful conclusion.

Please join us as we watch and critique this important documentary. While we may agree on the challenges, and disagree on the proposed solutions, our future depends on beginning a substantial conversation. Join others who are tired of learning about McCain's $500 shoes and Obama's lapel pins. There are more important issues facing our future.

There will be a live discussion among Warren Buffett, Pete Peterson, and David Walker following the viewing of the film. This one night event will be shown LIVE at 8:00pm ET. Lawson for Congress has sponsored an entire theater for the national premier, and welcomes you to join us completely free of charge.

"We are inviting people to watch and critique this documentary with us because it's so important for citizens to truly understand our challenges so that we can secure our future. The more people who join the conversation, the better chance we have of understanding our underlying problems and how we can address them."

- William (B.J.) Lawson, Candidate for Congress, North Carolina's 4th District

Location: North Hills Stadium 14, Raleigh, NC
RSVP: call 919.471.1177
Carpooling assistance will be provided
More information: http://www.lawsonforcongress.com/events/iousa-showing


This is a good documentary for Republicans...

The rest of us understand that we had a surplus budget only eight years ago and why it happened. And I see Warren Buffet on the program. I know he realizes why we're in the hole. He pays less tax than his clerk, while he makes many, many millions each year. But somehow we have 40% of the voters backing McSame, and wondering why we owe so much. There should be a documentary about these hard core voters who somehow live with their head in the sand for four years, and then go make a decisive vote on a presidential election day. Amazing!