Interesting attempt to contact me ...

Got an interesting call yesterday. Some kid Field Organizer from Etheridge campaign called up and left a message on my phone. Told me to contact him (but did not leave a number), but left the number and name for a Field Director for the entire state. So I called him.

I told him that as a Precinct Chair in Wake County, I can't take sides and endorse one candidate over another. I told him that I was not so much concerned about the candidate's policies (assuming that they will follow the Democratic Party platform and work to turn it into public policy should Hell freeze over and we get a workable majority back).

My main concern is with the Governor's role as the titular head of the Democratic Party in North Carolina. Specifically, what would a Governor Etheridge do to rebuild the Democratic Party in our state? The kid told me that isn't relevant - and that if we have good policy we'll get more people to get involved in the Democratic Party. This went on for almost 5 minutes. I told him we already have good policy (our platform) and that I thought he was putting the cart (policy) before the horse (the Party). The Party should create the policy and the candidates should work to turn it into public policy. The kid kept trying to tell me that I needed to focus on the policy differences between Etheridge and the other candidates. I told him that I was mostly concerned with the Democratic Party for now - and that he wasn't answering my questions and I thanked him for his time.

At this time right now, unless we can take back a majority in the General Assembly, talking about policy is a waste of time. Not talking about how we f*cked up a 112 year home-field advantage in 2010 and finding a way to build the Democratic Party so that we can use our current majority among voters across the state to build the Party into a stronger force that will win us back and keep a majority of Democrats in elected office.

Talking about policy with a precinct Chair is a waste of my time. I am assuming that you will endorse the Democratic Party Platform and will work to turn it into public policy should you get elected with the necessary majority. Of course I realize that certain forces (big campaign donors) will want and expect candidates to do otherwise. So please don't waste my time talking policy.

I want to know what you will do RIGHT NOW to make Goodwin House function the way it did from 2005 to June 2008. Or can we expect OFA to come in, suck all the oxygen out of the room and we remain helpless to direct the actions of our own state Party?


Differences between the candidates

are, for the most part, non-existent from what I can tell. Certainly to the vast majority of voters, this is nothing more than a beauty contest with raw name recognition trumping everything else.