Impeachment is not an option, it's an obligation; and it will re-unite our country.

As a member of the Grassroots Impeachment Movement (GRIM);; out of Carrboro, NC, I am very familiar with all the reasons given by Michael Tomasky for politicians to not pursue impeachment of Bush & Cheney. The two NC Reps that I’ve recently met with eagerly presented Tomasky’s writings on the matter as their position. It’s easy to shoot holes in all of those excuses. I prefer, however, to take a positive path and emphasize the reasons why we must impeach.

Regarding the question: ‘To Impeach or not to Impeach’, I respectfully submit that there are two possible scenarios that would result from meaningful and thorough impeachment investigations [unobstructed by ‘Executive Privilege’] brought forth by Congress:

Scenario 1: The investigations find there has been no wrongdoing by the Bush Administration; they’ve just been misunderstood by 70% of Americans; everything has been on the up and up. Their secrecy and stonewalling have been to protect us from the ugly truth—not them. In this scenario, Congressional approval will drop even lower because of the unjustified ‘witch-hunt’.

Scenario 2: investigations reveal irrefutable evidence that the Administration has been involved in many wrongdoings, including duping us into war—their worst offense. Congress will rebound from their dismal approval ratings.

Which do you think is the more likely scenario?

Many of the Administration’s crimes are already proven. Executive policies such as the use of torture, domestic spy-ing, and suspension of habeas corpus are already proven instances of this Administration’s wrongdoings. A small per-centage of the American people, about 30%, think those actions are acceptable in order to protect us from evil. Most of us—those of us with consciences—are not okay with these actions. Pursuing impeachment on those grounds will, in fact, deepen the chasm dividing our country. There's a much better path to take.

All of their wrongdoings don’t have to be proven or even expounded upon in the impeachment hearings. If it’s only proven that Bush & Cheney withheld very relevant intelligence [counter to their personal agenda] when presenting their case for invading Iraq, impeachment would become a tidal wave movement. What possible crime could be worse? When this is irrefutably proven, and I’m convinced that it easily can be, the vast majority of Americans, even most of those who had previously supported the Bush administration’s dubious actions and policies, will become outraged along with the rest of us.

No pardons should be forthcoming and no immunity should be discussed unless resignations and unconditional confessions are made. Resignations and confessions will reunite America. The divisive policies and evil actions of the Bush Administration must be revealed for what they truly are. That will serve to reunite America.

How can this can easily be proven? Colin Powell, on June 10, 2007, on Meet the Press indicated that vital in-formation in the hands of the administration had been withheld from him before he made his famous ‘mushroom cloud’ speech before the UN. In this interview, Powell was either lying to protect himself or he was telling the truth—either way, the administration had the intel and chose to withhold it. They let Powell present info they knew was bogus to the UN. Congress must investigate and have Powell testify under oath.

Once the stonewalling ploy of invoking Executive Privilege has been trumped by impeachment investigations, proving Bush & Cheney purposely deceived us into war should be an easy task. That exposure of their deception has been, and remains, their biggest fear. And that’s the root cause for all their secrecy and stonewalling—not who fired whom & why.

In summary: Of the many issues that have bitterly divided our country over the past six years, the most divisive one is how we got led into the war in Iraq, resulting in two distinct groups:

A.) Many of us are absolutely convinced that we were purposely duped into invading Iraq by Bush & Cheney.
B.) Many feel that congress had all the intelligence that Bush & Cheney had, so it was an unfortunate, multi-governmental branch mistake.

Revealing this to the American people will force Republican politicians to either back those villains who tricked us into this terrible war, press for impeachment, or demand that Bush & Cheney resign. This is how it ‘went down’ in ’74 with Nixon. The American people and our Congress deserve the truth on this matter and we deserve it now. Time is running out!

Initiating impeachment begins the restoration of world respect for the USA; that inspires multinational help for us in Iraq; and that facilitates our responsible withdrawal.

Showing the backbone to stand up to this administration will also begin the restoration of respect for our Congress.