Immediate impact of national health reform

I know that many people here are skeptical of health reform and many of you are feeling that the package does not go far enough (in that it doesn't outlaw private insurance companies). We will have more to say about the impact of national reform, but here is a brief we wrote today explaining some of the benefits that take effect in the first year.

You can read the report here. Highlights below the fold:

• Insurers that offer dependent coverage for policyholders must allow parents to enroll children up to age 26.
• New insurance plans are barred from denying coverage to children with pre-existing conditions.

• Insurance companies are barred from placing caps on the dollar value of lifetime benefits and will cover
many preventive services at no charge to enrollees.

• Insurance companies must spend at least 85 percent of premium dollars in the large group market and 80
percent of premiums in the individual and small group markets on medical care.

• Creates a temporary high-risk pool for people unable to purchase insurance.People with pre-existing medical conditions who have been uninsured for at least six months will qualify for a new insurance plan with subsidized premiums. Total cost sharing in the new plan is capped at $5,950 for an individual and $11,900 for a family in 2010.

• Provides a $250 rebate to Medicare beneficiaries who reach the Part D coverage gap in 2010.

This is a start, but the work continues.


Thanks Adam

I'm trying my best to see the glass half full, but as a single payer advocate, I'm struggling. These are all good things, but they don't get the job done.

Has the Justice Center weighed in on Grayson's proposal to allow anyone to buy into Medicare? That seems like an elegant and remarkable solution to me.

There is always more work to do

and more of a glass to fill. Such is the nature of good governance, to keep striving towards our better selves.

But not many days have headlines that read "the most sweeping social legislation in more than four decades" has been passed, and so today should be a day for rejoicing, while keeping the eye on the ball, looking toward improvements, and looking on to what's next.

I've seen you encourage others to remain optimistic without breaking the half-full glass, so I'm passing it forward in kind. =)

We would support a Medicare buy-in

Covering 95 percent of the population is a pretty full glass in my opinion. But we support any proposal that would expand coverage to everyone.

You know as well as anyone that the politics on a Medicare buy-in are next to impossible. Even proposing a buy-in at age 50 or 55 is incredibly difficult -- and hasn't worked so far. It's fairly popular until every special interest group on earth begins to demagogue the issue.

But I'm willing to hold out hope and fight for more coverage. Yesterday proved that sometimes the seemingly impossible is possible.

And so, the lawsuits begin

The Health Care Reform bill has passed the House now and is going to the president for signature..tomorrow I think. But, this is just the beginning. Republicans are supposedly planning on some kind of stalling tactic or a futile attempt at some bill-killing effort in the Senate with the reconcilliation part of all of this. In addition, there are a number of states now planning on filing lawsuits against the bill that has just passed.

It gives new meaning to the phrase: "scratching and clawing all the way down", doesn't it?


I live with one person that would JUMP at the chance for that. I guess that makes me biased to the idea, but if more people would think about what you are saying, they would see it would be fabulous.

Your wife?

Is that the one person you're talking about? She'd really be in favor of buying into socialistic commie healthcare provided by Hitler?


Go figure, huh?

Have you noticed that when a good government program/entitlement/law actually helps someone (regardless of party affiliation), they are all "on board" with it?

Yep, that's the lady. Think she is coming around? Nah. She just does definately like the idea of being able to buy into the Medicare system. Can't blame her, can you?

Let's get her on board

You and she can be the poster people for Medicare Buy-in. We'll make you famous.

I can see it now

You are a nut, James. I can see it now.."These two are at opposite ends of the political spectrum, but when it comes to Medicare, we can feel the love".

Uh..Ain't gonna happen, mi amigo. I am just elated her and I see eye-to-eye on something political for a change. In our relationship, that is as rare as hen's teeth !!

Medicare is good

Medicare is good but it is broke. If your wife goes on it she might have to go onto something else if the seniors get their benefits cut unless your wife will be a senior soon .

The best spokespeople for Medicare buy-in

Are all of the tea party people on Medicare who screamed at me at public forums for trying to change their beloved government program.

Exactly, Adam

Well put. Most Medicare recipients absolutely love it and really do not want anyone messing with it. Says a LOT about how great it is, does it not?

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day gently wake me up in the morning and wash my back when I shower.
I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day wipe my soiled bottom with a warm wet cloth and then powder me dry afterwards.
I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day give me a shave, a haircut, and massage my shoulders.
I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day dress me and then drive me to and from my cush government job each day.
I have a dream of living off the labor of someone else and never having to compete in a life I'm unprepared for.
I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day make every decision for me, so I won't need to be bothered with having to think for myself.
I have a dream that a federal bureaucrat will one day have the courage to "pull the plug" when I'm no longer productive in order to ensure I'm not a drain on the collective.
I have a dream...


Sarcasm, especially with such disdain for people in need, seems beneath you.

In my experience, it is never a pleasant form of communication, but yours is doubly unwelcome. You are mocking a man of peace and honor.

You should be ashamed.

For all it's faults, the USA is my home.

I'm proud to be an American and I know, and know of, many fine people who work for, or have worked for, our government doing things in our name that we cannot, individually, do for ourselves.

When I read your dream, I think of standing on Omaha Beach and gazing at the thousands of crosses and stars of David. I think of pausing at the grave of Ernie Pyle in the Punch Bowl Cemetery. I think of the names of my peers on that dark wall in Washington...and I wonder how you have the arrogance and audacity to verbally abuse and soil the men and women who gave their lives so that some narrow-minded, single subject &%$#@ like you would have the freedom to speak his mind....without first engaging his brain or even considering the shamefulness of his words.

I'm hoping James will "pull the plug" on you. We need you here like we need Glen Beck or Newt, or Sean or Rush. Wrapped in the mantle of their own pomposity and ignorance, they're nothing but seditious buffoons.

Stan Bozarth

Mockery in this instance is absurdity

Thinker, few people here appreciate that "I have a dream" post. It was out of line and I would bet you know it. What in the hell ever led you to post something like that here?

It is not so much what you said as it is how you said it and how you presented it. Before you type..engage brain. Words of advice.

Omaha Beach?!?

Stan, where could one possibly make any kind of connection between Omaha Beach, military service and my bureaucrats or anything else in the post? You've got to be kidding. Get some sleep.

Fox, it is called satire. The purpose of the post is simple. Where does one draw the line with regards to how much you want your government to do for us.

This is a thin-skinned group this evening. No offense intended. If you've been offended, I apologize, but I'm still not seeing how one could possibly be offended by such a silly post. I suppose 'll have to sleep on it myself.