I wonder what Charles Taylor's reply would be!

This is from House Veterans Affairs Ranking Member Lane Evans-D.

VA Data Show Twice as Many Veterans Waiting for Health Care Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) data show that the number of new veterans enrolled in the department’s health care system and waiting for their first clinic appointment to be scheduled has doubled in the year. As of April 2005, 15,211 veterans were waiting. This month, the number has ballooned to 30,475. Over the course of two years, the number of new enrollees waiting has increased by over 400 percent. “These numbers are simply unacceptable,” stated Representative Mike Michaud (D-ME), the Ranking Member of the Health Subcommittee of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs. “The VA must ask for the budgetary resources it needs to provide health care to our veterans, and not pretend everything is all right as this Administration rations health care by making veterans wait and wait and wait.” Noting that the Administration imposed an enrollment ban on certain veterans in 2003, Michaud called for the ban to be lifted: “On top of asking for the dollars to get the job done today, the Administration must ask for the dollars to end this intolerable enrollment ban. This is even more important today than it was in 2003 because more and more families are losing their health care.” Although some areas of the country have shown an improvement in addressing the number of veterans waiting for care, many others have shown an exponential increase. “The Veterans Integrated Service Network (VISN) that serves my state has shown a marked improvement since last September, but a single veteran who has to wait for health care is one veteran too many. I believe if a man or woman has served our nation in uniform, they deserve timely access to VA’s medical facilities and quality care. A lack of timeliness has a direct impact upon health care quality. VA health care is very good, but for those who have to wait the quality is not what it should be.”

Mr. Taylor, Ms. Dole,Mr. Burr, would you care to give us your comments on this issue?


This is all very sick stuff

A few years ago, I guess in 2003, I heard on NPR in Arkansas (while driving through) this new policy that the VA weren't taking any more veterans into their health care program. When asked where legitimate deserving vets would go for health care, the answer: to the health care providers they'd been seeing all along. The Arkansas VA person was very rude and curt as if these vets (who'd earned these benefits with their lives) were trying to cheat the government. It was unreal.

When asked what about vets who never had any health care coverage all along, but happen to need it after this exclusionary program took effect, she said, "That's just too bad."

This is a serious problem. People running the VA medical programs who are not getting the funding they need are actually being rude about it, rather than admitting that it's wrong. Can you imagine being denied health care you were promised and those denying you act like your asking for a handout? It isn't just the congressmen who won't fund it who are sick. Where do these administrators come from who are not raising holy hell? Why are we all not raising holy hell. This is extremely disturbing.

DQ- Thanks be to you my Dear!

DQ, My dear, you are a rare diamond in the rough!, A rare breed of person to say the very least! Your response has made me finally feel that each and every word I have written here is now been worth it!!! I finally feel I have acheaved something and done something usefull for the first time in a long time! I was really in a very low & down mood until I read your comment. I just learned several hours ago a very close friend from 5th Special Forces group had passed away. I read your response and my eyes filled with tears and i all of a sudden felt happy that someone out there has understood. I can never repay you for this. I ws really dreading the prospects of haveing to go to bed with what was on my shoulders. I feel much better now BECAUSE OF YOUR WORDS! And I know, my Brother & friend , Maj. James Bowman,5th SF Grp. who received the Eagle Feather Award which is the highest award a Cherokee Warrior can receive is smileing down on you tonight also! Simply DQ, Your the best! Thanks! Danny

You're making me cry.

But it's not about me. Here's to your friend, and our hero, Major James Bowman. And to everyone else who is willing to risk their lives for strangers, for causes.

That's why we have to keep blogging. Those guys (male and female) in Iraq and Afghanistan need us, even if they don't realize it yet. They're going to come home to PTSD and worse and maybe they'll have the latest prosthesis but we all know it doesn't end there. And we all know the VA is unable and/or unwilling to do their jobs.

But, for now, here's to your friend.